Tell Me Again who the Domestic Extremists and Terrorist Are?

by Steve MacDonald

If it is not “terrorism, or extremism” for the government to “reduce” our Household budgets when they come to take their taxes why is it “terrorism or extremism” when we simply ask the government to stop reducing our budgets by reducing theirs?

It is our property first.   If we do not earn it so that they can take it, the government would cease to exist.

This same government that calls us extremists and terrorists uses intimidation and the threat of force and/or imprisonment to take our property.   They reduce our budgets at will through taxes, fees, and monitory policy that devalues our incomes or regulations that increase the costs of goods or services, typically both.  That is not terrorism or extremism but if we stand up or gather to speak against this path toward ruin we are branded as terrorists and extremists.

Yes, we agree that for society to function we all have to pitch in to pay for common interests, but almost half of us are not paying anything at all for any of our common interests.   They  have become beneficiaries, a line item on the expense sheet of the state.

This situation, the entitlement culture, is the result of government policy that not only encourages it  but that then uses those same “beneficiaries” as a private army to terrorize the rest of us, not just from opposing how and by how much or household budgets are reduced but at the ballot box by keeping the progressive fiscal-gestapo in power; those that promise to increases their “budget” by reducing ours.

Funding the lifestyles of the unproductive is not a “common interest” becasue it has been known to mark the decline and fall of civilizations.   And that is inevitable on our current course.  Society stops functioning when there is no one left to pilfer to pay the entitlement army, at which point the foot-soldiers of socialism rebel into violent riots, destroying people, property, lives, and families.

For some reason, trying to prevent that is viewed by the governing class as extreme.

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  • Herb

    The vast majority of the people who don’t pay income taxes are the lowest income households, the elderly and young working families with children. These same people pay their share of local property taxes, medicare, and Social Security taxes. Now lets look at corporations. General Electric in the years 2008 – 2010 made $10.5 billion in domestic profits but had an effective tax rate of -45.3% after receiving $8 billion in tax subsidies and and spending $84 million in lobbying expenses. Verizon Communications who had domestic profits of $32.5 billion for the same period was taxed at an effective tax rate of -2.9 % after receiving subsidies of $12.3 billion and paying lobbying expenses fo $52 million. Why not mention these non-taxpayers too?
    Why did the House of Representatives spilt food stamps out of the farm bill and cutting the program while approving $billions of dollars in subsidies to corporate farms in the main farm bill?
    Bottom line – its not just families making less than $30,000/yr not paying taxes – lets have the whole story. Incidently the above facts came from the Cato Institute and Citizens for Tax Justice.

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