Remember: Jeanne Shaheen FIRST destroyed the NH Healthcare Insurance Mkt with SB711

by Skip

…before going down to DC to help Obama destroy it nationwide. She is all about others controlling your healthcare – first here in NH where her horrible SB711 hurt NH families by reducing competition here in NH from over two dozen providers to effectively two – and premium rates soared.  Then being one of the chief cheerleaders for Obamacare, we are now seeing what lies behind that kindly, grandmother visage – a willingness to hurt working families via much higher premiums and deductibles all in the name of a socialist healthcare system.  Yes, they talk about the War On Women – but this is the War on Everybody.  No longer is it a doctor and a patient – it is now Congress, the Obama Administration, and a huge bureaucracy (don’t forget the IRS!) that is writing rules on what a doctor can and cannot do.  And now, with the blowback winding up to hurricane strength, she’s had a change of heart.  First, though, watch her in action:

From Citizens For a Strong New Hampshire:

With the Obamacare “house of cards” collapsing, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen received much attention yesterday for “breaking ranks” with her fellow Democrats in distancing herself from her deciding vote for the law by calling on the Obama Administration to extend Obamacare’s open enrollment period amid continued frustration with the troubled website.

It couldn’t be more apparent; Sen. Shaheen and others who are directly responsible for forcing Obamacare on us are beginning to cave under pressure out of fear for their own political careers.

While Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire does commend Sen. Shaheen for finally listening to many Granite Staters who have known the implementation of Obamacare would be disastrous for years now, her politically-motivated request for just an enrollment delay is only the tip of the iceberg. An extension of the open enrollment period does nothing to remedy the underlying disaster of the law she voted for, especially due to regulations and taxes within Obamacare’s Individual Mandate, which has yet to be delayed.

We caught up with Sen. Shaheen this morning and asked her twice whether she has given any thought to “delaying the Individual Mandate.”

In her first response, while she reinforces her support for the failing law, she never once says that she would be opposed to delaying the Individual Mandate. When we pressed her for a more clear answer a second time and directly asked her if there is “a situation you can foresee where we could, later on in the year maybe, if things still ‘aren’t working,’ we could push off the mandate?” Sen. Shaheen responded by saying “well, I think we have to keep seeing what happens.”

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