Presentation on Regional Planning and Granite State Future

This is a complete video of the presentation sponsored by NH House Rep Jane Cormier for interested State Reps and given by our local expert on Regional Planning Comissions and their efforts (intentional or otherwise) to undermine local control, Ken Eyring.

Follow this link to a PDF of the relevant links and documents that substantiate the conclusions in the presentation, marked up and hilighted for your eye-widening pleasure.

Note: If you are a rep, in local government, or just a concerned citizen, you should watch this presentation and/or read through the provided documents at the link.  The RPC’s and Granite State Future pose a significant and lasting threat to your ability to affect how and how much you will be taxed and what for.  Regional planning by-passes local control through unelected regional boards who ultimately answer to Cabinet level bureaucracies and policies in Wasington DC.

Please Get informed, get involved, and start both asking questions and sharing this information with others.

H/T to CNHT for the links, and the blog for the content.

Added: Quick link to a PDF pamphlet on Sustainable Development of which the RPCs and GSF play a part.