Notable Quote – Michael Walsh

by Susan Olsen

Pork scraps.  Ouch.

The GOP is not, in any meaningful sense, a conservative, first-principles, Constitutionalist party — and unless it’s subsumed by the Tea Party, it never will be. Rather, it’s content to be the lesser half of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party as long as it can collect some of the pork scraps from underneath the table of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Government. No wonder they keep losing — they like it.’ – Michael Walsh

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  • Pork scraps. Big enough to choke on.
    Big enough to cost McConnell his seat next year. Big enough to cost Dick Turban his seat next year (oh, wait, he’s a Democrat!).
    We’ve heard about the Cornhusker Kickback $100M
    We’ve heard about the most expensive prostitute since client #9 (!andrieu landed $300m)
    But now we have the bit partisan DamBusters (McConnell and Durbin), soaking up $3B for a dam project on their joint state border. We’ve been sold down the Ohio river, folks.
    I didn’t think it was possible for the kickbacks to be worse than the ObamaCare package, but they’ve done it. No wonder it needed democrats to pass the house.
    And the Dems DARE to complain about Boehner being unable to hold his caucus together!

    • Chris P. Bacon

      i love pork scraps. Hot peppers and cheese with a little sour cream and roll it all up in a burrito….yummy.

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