New Hampshire Democrat Cynthia Chase Turns Her “Un-Biased Eye” (Cough-Cough) on Home Education

by Steve MacDonald

Cynthia Chase LSR will probably try to turn up the heat on home schoolers

Any Home Schoolers In There?

Rhode Island Liberty-xenophobe (and New Hampshire House Democrat) Cynthia Chase has submitted a Legislative Service Request (LSR) “relative to accountability requirements for HOME EDUCATION programs.”

2014 – LSR 2591-R .

I can see where she’d be concerned.  Home Schooled kids are not typically the kind of progressive drones a liberty-fearing Trotsky-ite like Chase has much tolerance for.  They ask questions and challenge assumptions made by the lefty-media and government institutions, including ones Chase would use  “…to make the environment here so unwelcoming that some (Free Staters) will choose not to come, and some may actually leave.”

If you force all the kids into sub-standard government schools run by democrat donors manipulated by union thugs because you have intentionally denied them a choice by poisoning the water for Home Schooling, they all grow up to be just the right kind of stupid for the Democrat party to control them.

We already knew Chase was a supporter of the progressive political plantation, so I guess this is just a natural extension of the socialist model.  Children are educational chattel, owned by the state and the union school monopoly, who will be trained to love government and obey.

“Once you set foot on the New Hampshire  Plantation Massa Chase be setting your mind right…er, I mean left.”

Put another way, parents, Chase–merely a vessel of the divine progressive word, does not trust you with the state’s children.

I confess, I have no idea what Chase has in mind but I know who she is politically so I know exactly what she has in mind.  Control, red-tape-intimidation, use the state to make home schooling such an intractable proposition that almost no one dare challenge the government education monopoly.

Having said all that,  I have two more observations to make (with some slight relevance to the LSR) about the woman who would use the power of the police state to regulate emigration into New Hampshire by limiting it to people she agrees with politically.

First, has anyone submitted an LSR “relative to NH House Democrats playing solitaire during Floor Debates?”

Second, will enough of those “Free Staters” Chase abhors have established a “presence” in her NH House district by November 2014, having demonstrated intent to “live” here–as provided for by the NH AG’s office and any number of elected Democrats who have, themselves, opened their doors in the past to electoral transients and been found innocent of complicity to commit vote fraud?

We know that thousands of Free Staters have already sworn their “intent” to move here.  Maybe it is time they drop by for a “swim.” Test the electoral waters, so to speak.   Make their “presence” known in any number of important house, senate, and Executive council races come 2014.

Help Cindy Chase out of office, if you get my drift.

H/T NH Tea Party Coalition

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  • kevin777

    The problem with the free state movement is that there are too many “I don’t vote” folks.

    • Steve

      There are problems with every movement. And while the Libertarains are as likley as any to not vote in protest, Romney most likley lost becasue Republicans stayed home. So the problem with the Republican movement was their choice of candidate,,and the Democrats superior smear machine helped a good bit.

      • Ed1C

        I still find it difficult to believe 4 million conservatives stayed home. I just can’t wrap my arms around it, especially in light of what was/is at stake.
        This last election my wife and I had to actually wait in line to vote. In all my 25 years here that has never happened to us before. From what I saw in my town, we had a record turnout. That’s why I can’t wrap my arms around that low turnout number.

        • Seamus

          conservatives? Romney and the GOP are NOT conservatives! They are socialist!(neocons)

          • Don

            And they won the Independent vote that was supposed to get Romney elected. And still the establishment doesn’t get it…

        • Don

          The number was about 30 million conservatives that stayed home.

          NH went blue because we were a swing state and Democrats concentrated their vote fraud efforts in swing states. Conservatives came out in droves in NH but 99,000 same day registrations changes the entire spectrum of elections in a small state like NH.

  • balencesto

    Actually you’re wrong about home-schoolers. They aren’t all conservative, as you imply in your 2nd paragraph. Parents who homeschool are typically “Fringe” but not always “right-wing fringe.” There’s plenty of “left-wing fringe” homeschoolers too.

    • Steve

      Do the lefty home schooled kids…”ask questions and challenge assumptions made by the lefty-media and government institutions?”

      I implied that Chase was the leftist who didn’t like institutional assumptions to be challenged. I never actually sais they were all being questioned by the right. Interesting you’d think otherwise though.

      • balencesto

        “sais”?!?!?!? Is that FRENCH?!?!?!?

        Anyhoo . . . I would guess that the “lefty home schooled kids” probably don’t “ask questions and challenge assumptions made by the lefty-media and government institutions” – they probably “ask questions and challenge assumptions made by the righty-media and corporate institutions. Seems fair to me . . . lefty home schoolers speaking their truth to their power and righty home schoolers speaking their truth to their power.

        Meanwhile . . . in the real world . . .

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  • Twinkiedawn

    “I confess, I have no idea what Chase has in mind but I know who she is politically so I know exactly what she has in mind.”

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