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From the Daily Brief – a prior military gal turned writer and freelancer (to pay the bills).  She’s not a constant blogger and there’s a lot she puts out that I’ll read and go “oh” but this is the first time in a while enough to link and post – because it is indicative of an undercurrent that is re-establishing itself. A couple of excerpts (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Say Hi to the Whig Party, Guys

So, the main-line establishment GOP – apparently seeing the writing on the wall and determined to make themselves even more irrelevant – is now going to go all-out against Tea Party sympathetic candidates in the next elections. They have seen the enemy and they is us … that is, us small-government, strictly-Constitutionalist, fiscally-responsible, and free-market advocates, who were the means of ensuring certain outcomes in hotly contested races, and that Mitt Romney even had a ghost of a chance in the last round. Nope, obviously those partisans who feel that our government should be guided by strict adherence to the Constitution, not spend more than it takes in, and not be rick-rolled by crony capitalists and the lobbyists who do their bidding, are – to put it frankly – dangerous radicals who must be excised from the GOP organization.
Because, you know, it is so much better to be a meek and polite little opposition party occasionally allowed to dip a snout into the trough. And insisting on a degree of fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, and truly free markets is apparently is just too dogmatic, too radical, and un-collegial within the rarified inside-the-beltway establishment GOP.

Seriously, this is an amusing development and not entirely unforeseen. When we first started up a local Tea Party and realized how many people out there shared a certain degree of exasperation with the establishment GOP, as well as the devotion to fiscal responsibility, fidelity to the Constitution, etc., we vigorously rejected also any input from any establishment GOP politician, organization or consultant, although this was not for want of trying on their part. We had our belly-full of listening to those guys, now it was their turn to listen to us, although the Establishment GOP remained touchingly hopeful that all that Tea Party energy, enthusiasm and contributions had created for them a brand new pony, saddled and bridled and ready for them to ride…

We also rejected any notion of encouraging Tea Party sympathizers to form a third party, although there had always been a strong Libertarian component in the organization whose interests lay in that direction. Nope, we agreed, that way was counter-productive in the extreme.

…So, I have to be at least a little amused at the Establishment RINOs trying to stay ahead of the curve; the curve that is slowly turning against them, like dinosaurs ignoring the nimble, fast-moving and motivated proto-mammals running around between their feet. Rove, Boehner, McCain – all the rest of them seem to be going through the motions, protesting against the darkness falling. In trying to neutralize those committed Tea Party Republicans, they likely will ensure their own extinction; the passion, the energy, the involvement and the money are on the Tea Party side.

One of the hits that is laid on the TEA Party was that “Well, where WAS the TEA Party when Bush was President??”.  Well, look at the make up of most of the TEA Party folks at that time – most had NEVER protested before and their political activity was to vote on the right day.  The polico-junky talking heads forget that minor detail – this was ALL foreign territory for them in the beginning (and yes, those same talking heads, sitting on their political high barstools, certainly derided and  made sport of these newbies as they were starting their political trips).

The movement has grown up, and fast.  Who ever thought that the TEA Party would be able to make a mark in DC so quickly – 5 years is a blink of an eye for most movements built on principles (it only took the Progressives 120 years to get where they are now).  2010’s results for Conservatives are completely due to the TEA Party and associated, like minded people and groups.  2012 is the result of the Progressives and Establishment Republicans pushing back.

Now, it is clear that the TEA Party has two foes aligned with each other – both the Democrats and Republicans.  While kinda confirms the TEA Party thread that both Parties have the same goals – merely to rule.  Sure, the Dems actively are pushing to move the country further away from the Constitution foundation – and many in power with an R next to their names seem to be quite content to go along for the ride and their only intent is to make it just a little less bad.

TEA Party folks aren’t trying to upset the apple cart just for the sake of doing it – but aren’t willing to “go along and get along”.  Just as hard as the Democrats are trying to turn this country into “just another European scleortic socialist democracy, we wish to bring this country’s roots forward to today – to ensure that our grandkids have the same opportunities we have had.

Oh, Grokster Susan?

She’s Texan.

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