GrokTALK! October 26th, 2013

GrokTALK! New Hampshire's Conservative PodcastThis week on GrokTALK! Skip and Mike welcome Grokster Susan Olsen (via phone) and  in-studio guests Rich Girard (of Girard at Large), NH House Rep John Hikel, and Gus Breton a petitioner for redress of Grievance after being jailed by the NH Court system.

Some of the Topics, in no particular order…Wood stoves, Healthcare, the NH Union Agreement for SEIU local 1984, Govt is now its own special interest group,  US Marine frippy hats, Common Core, Unfunded Mandates – in NH, what about Article 28-A, and Constitutional Redress, plus a whole lot more…

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Susan Olsen for NH HouseSkip, Mike and Susan open the show with wood stoves, Healthcare, NH Union Agreement for SEIU local 1984 (obligatory Orwell reference), welfare, GuideStar and the 990 for NH SEA, the Fundemental Transofrmation, US Marine frippy hats, and more.

Listen to segment One with Skip, Mike, and Susan

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RICH GIRARD PROMO HEAD SHOTIn segment Two Rich Girard, from Girard at Large, joins Skip, Mike and Susan to talk about Common Core, how Social media has killed call ins, Locals re-taking control,  Unfunded Mandates – and in NH, what about Article 28-A? and the “Expert deference” syndrome by citizens and elected officials alike.

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rich GirardIn segment Three Skip, Mike, and Susan continue the converation with Rich Girard; Healthcare premiums and deductibles go way up, In Manchester – who is going to pay the Obamacare Cadillac tax;  what will towns do about wages and benefits for public employee ‘part-timers,’ and Rich wants a free market: supply them with stipends then let them choose freely amongst competitors.

Listen to segment Three with Rich, Skip, Mike, and Susan

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john-hikelIn the final half-hour…John Hikel joins us along with Gus Breton to talk about Constitutional Redress,, some history and examples of Redress, what happened to previous committee of Redress in New Hampshire, Petitions for ObamaCare and Common Core, and how to sign them online at

Listen to segment Four with John Hikel and Gus Breton

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