GrokTALK! 10-26-13 Guest Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen for NH HouseSusan Olsen joins Skip and Mike to talk about wood stoves, Healthcare, the NH Union Agreement for SEIU local 1984 (obligatory Orwell reference), welfare, GuideStar and the 990 for NH SEA, the Fundemental Transofrmation, US Marine frippy hats, and more.

Listen to segment One with Skip, Mike, and Susan

Download or listen to Segment One Here


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Steve on GAL

Steve is a New Hampshire resident, blogger, and activist. A member of the 603 Alliance, NHCMP, NHRVC, LFGC, and the host of GrokTALK! Please Note: My opinions are my own and not those of my Family, employers, politicians, campaigns, or other contributors or commenters at GraniteGrok