An Email To Rep Donna SchlachmanTo Which I received No Response….

by Steve MacDonald

…not that I ever truly expected one.

Good day Rep Schlachman,

An LSR of yours has stirred up some interest and I was looking to get some details; your thoughts on the purpose of this proposed legislation.

Would you care to elaborate on what “enabling municipalities to dispose of certain firearms” would entail?

Best Regards

>Steve Mac Donald

Twitter – @nhstevemacd

Something tells me this, “Blogger/Editor-,” caused her hand to mouse over the delete key and erase it.

For the record, it is 2014-H-2063-R title: enabling municipalities to dispose of certain firearms.

I would have gladly posted her remarks complete and in their original context so that we could begin to understand the importance of this to Rep Schlachman who, while a notorious progressive Democrat, might actually have a very legitimate reason for making the request.  In fact, I am still willing, if she were ever to respond.

No, I am not holding my breath.


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