What does Missouri Have in Common with New Hampshire?

by Steve MacDonald



Patient advocates say the exclusion of one of Missouri’s top hospital systems from policies offered by the region’s biggest insurer under the Affordable Care Act could hinder treatment for some patients and force others to switch doctors.

The network for the Anthem BlueCross BlueShield plans, which will be sold through Missouri’s “Obamacare” marketplace, does not include BJC HealthCare and its 13 hospitals — among them Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the area’s premier academic medical center, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

BC BS (Bama Care Bull Shiite?), in New Hampshire they are Anthem Blue Cross, gets something of a monopoly on DemocratCare in Missouri (as in New Hampshire) and  knows it can’t possibly cover the cost burden…so it is forced to limit access.  This is a feature not a bug.

Many of you were never going to be able to keep your doctor or keep your plan. rates were always going to skyrocket not go down, and yes, Virgina, you will see quality decline as well.  It is the nature of the thing, settled economic science, if you prefer.  Government is a trillion pound gorilla setting it’s fat, hairy ass atop what was once the best health care system in the world.  Things will, necessarily, get crushed or squeezed out.  And if you have been paying close enough attention, you will have noticed that th political class will not be affected.

It’s an aristocracy courtesy of Liberals, Progressives, the Oebama Democrats, and the suckers who promote their narratives.   it should be the refrain of every campaign moving forward.  Democrat candidate x supported ObamaCare.  They shoved it down your throat.  Thank them by voting for someone else.

And perhaps they were just ignorant rubes, but who would argue that this makes them less of a threat than if they knew all along?  What the Democrats wanted could never fit into the pacakge they prettied up and sold to the media and the progressive water carriers.  The mechanics of markets just don’t work that way.  And we tried to warn America.  We tried to warn Democrats.

But they were more interested in spitting on us, beating us up, threatening us, calling us racists or accusing us of hating the poor or wanting to kill old people, to discredit us and distract the population from our warnings.

That is a sad truth.

The even sadder truth is that the Democrat party is so crass and shallow, so obsessed with political power, that they will repeat that exercise ad nasuem to cover up another lie.   But that is just who they are as a party.  And anyone who breaks ranks will get similar treatment until they fall back into line.

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