Such a short memory, this one has – really, Banana Republic, Dingy Harry?

The Corner captured this from the Majority Leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid, who has refused to compromise on any Continuing Resolution from the House:

Harry Reid shot down any notion at passing a short-term, one-week continuing resolution, telling reporters on Monday that the federal government cannot operate like a banana republic.

“If we can’t pass this, we’re only truly entering a banana republican mindset,” Reid said at a press conference shortly after the Senate tabled the House’s CR, which postponed the Affordable Care Act for a year. The Senate sent back a “clean CR” that stripped that stripped the House language.

I guess Harry has forgotten this wee little factoid:

The last time the Senate passed a budget was April 29, 2009.

Harry, if you had actually been doing your job, we wouldn’t be at this point.  Mario Loyola (who I quoted earlier today) had a great rejoinder / description to Reid:

A banana republic is a third-world country in which few people do much of anything productive, and most people depend on government welfare, while the government is basically a machinery for extracting economic wealth from the few who actually produce it, while the state slides deeper and faster into debt that nobody believes it can pay back, and the president does basically whatever he wants regardless of what the law or the constitution say, and generally abuses his powers for political advantage in a corrupt fashion.

The president and majority leader may want to pick a different phrase.

Indeed.  Let’s also add to that definition: when the head of a Banana Republic arbitrarily decides, outside of the normal legislative process, to change laws (or even ignore laws) on their own.  This destroys the Principle of the Rule of Law and often the target of such behavior violates the Principle of Private Property.

So Harry,  wouldn’t you agree that, under your Democrat leadership, we’ve arrived at BRland?