NH Democrats! – Time to Regulate Pockets on Cargo Pants

by Steve MacDonald

Cargo pants hold extra shells unarmed victims give you time to reload

Nice Pants. How many rounds do they hold?

Aaron Alexis’ choice of the Biden Boomstick for his evil deeds brings up an important point that we have not yet addressed.

Magazine size.

Even if you call a Remingnton 870 Shotgun an AR-15, it still only holds 5 shells.  There are a few models that hold 7, but even that falls under the limits in the rapidly passed and troublesome bill by New York State lawmakers on the number of rounds allowed in any magazine.

So how does a psychotic progressive Obama Supporter, wielding a 5 or 7 round Biden boomstick, manage to kill so many people, aside from the obvious fact that thanks to progressive cry-babies almost everyone on that base was little more than a taxpayer funded, highly trained range target for a liberal loving racist lunatic who hates America?

The answer is Cargo pants.  It is now being reported that Aaron Alexis kept extra rounds in the pockets of his cargo pants.  And since no one was shooting back, he had plenty of time to fish around and re-load.

And since military personnel can’t even carry a weapon on their own base,  see–foreign invaders and Muslim Terrorists considering future acts of work-place violence take note–any serious discussion about reducing injuries and deaths of this nature will have to address the problem of pocket size on cargo pants.

This is right up the Democrat’s ally.  Like all their other ideas, it completely ignores facts, statistics, and common sense.  They can get all worked up about it, list names of video games that have characters in them wearing cargo pants; even drag the CEO’s of major clothing manufacturers before congress for a show-trial before a concerned nation.

So I expect to see a Bill in the Senate, protests at every store that sells Dockers, and dammit–Colorado, California and New York, you had better have banned cargo-pants pockets before October 1st.


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