I blame Jeanne Shaheen – but what will Chuck do?

by Skip

I guess I was prescient yesterday.

Jeanne Shaheen Wicked WitchRemember, before now US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, she was the NH State Senator who sponsored SB711 – that godawful bill of healthcare destruction that annhiliated the insurance carrier competition in NH.  From over two dozen companies vying for New Hampshirites’ business and dollars (and forcing them to provide better coverage based on what people were willing to pay), we ended up with two (and change).  This is what Jeanne Shaheen’s Democrat Party calls “goodness” – more regulation ensued and that’s all they cared about – for nothing says “we care” than regulating all choice out of the marketplace.  Even choices that people really liked and wanted.  But, like all good busybody Nanny Staters, Shaheen just couldn’t leave other peoples’ wants to themselves – she just had to step in to “set those citizens right”.  And did it again, being one of the major pushers of Obamacare.

She must be so “HAPPY HAPPY” (a little Duck Dynasty, that) over the latest news that her push to kill competition has resulted in only ONE carrier in the State for the Federally sponsored ObamaExchange (then there will be only 1 company to kill off to get to her penultimate goal – the Federal Govt nationalizing the industry outright.  Quiet Jeanne – only in word for her deeds against her “New Hampshire wards” speak for her.   The news of the day?  That the single company in the NH Exchange, Anthem, has decided that as the only Obamacare representative carrier in the State, it only needs 1/2 the hospitals in the State – and YOU DON’T EITHER!  After all, these are the Smart People and know far better than you that a far away hospital is best (“for the common good”).

And we can directly blame all those Obama voters here in NH for putting everyone into this pickle.


The next phase of the federal health care law was under the spotlight in Concord on Thursday as members of the Health Care Oversight Committee grilled officials from the only carrier in the state that will be partnering with the federal government for the new insurance exchange.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield confirmed that nearly half of the hospitals in its network will not be taking part in the program.

Understanding what the rules are at the Insurance Department around network adequacy, we determined we had to come up with an appropriate balance between access and affordability,” said Paula Rogers of Anthem.

That bolded part – spot on!  Anthem can ONLY do what Government decides to let it. Indeed, this is a PERFECT example of Government distorting what used to be a Free Marketplace (e.g., writ large what former Republican NH State Senator Bob Clegg forced the State to include obese gastric surgery (because he “felt bad” that he could afford surgery to help his girth that other could not – so he forced the rest of us to pay for them so he could feel good about himself) writ small).  You can blame the State Insurance Department, Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter (as these two “healthcare rationing is fine by me!” voted for Obamacare), and Obama and his Obamacare for this.  You need a hospital real quick for an emergency?  Good luck with that, now.

How many people will you be responsible for killing, Jeanne and Carol?  Because YOU two made the law that caused this?  Where a neighborhood hospital would keep some alive, they may well now die on their way (missing that “Golden Hour” in case of severe trauma, heart attack, or stroke) to the only ones allowed by your laws (and the “shall’s” that you let be strewn all over the bill giving the power to bureaucrats (instead of doing the job right – after all we elected YOU to make those decisions, not others).  Jumping up and down for joy, like you did when Obama signed this atrocity for New Hamsphire residents.  At least you all got genuine Obama signatory pens for selling out the State, right?  And these two folks have it EXACTLY right:

“In fact, the government is now interfering in the doctor-patient relationship and shifting people by denying network providers for Obamacare, which is going to drive up costs and make it harder for people to keep the doctors they’ve had for years,” said Greg Moore of Americans for Prosperity.

“It’s everything we’ve been talking about for five years, about how it’s going to limit access, increase prices and make it more difficult to get the quality care you deserve,” said Sen. Andy Sanborn, R-Bedford.

So Chuck, what are you going to do?  I put up this post pondering some issues upon hearing that NH State Senator Chuck Morse had become NH State Senate President Chuck Morse:

  • Obamacare is about to invade via the Federal Exchange  which is now less than a month away – and only ONE carrier in the State?  What has the legacy of Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s SB711 now going to do to New Hampshireites?  Will we have MORE Choice (e.g., Freedom) or less, Senate President Morse?  Or must we simply “go along” with the decision that you politician have decided for us like good little children?  Will we have the Freedom to choose what is best for us and our families?  Or simply having to accept what yapping elected officials have spewed and faceless bureaucrats are regulating?

Can I keep my doctor, my specialists, and my hospitals?  Remember: arbitrarily taking away choice from me “for the common good” happens FAR too often lately – and when the Collective is placed before the Individual, there can only be Tyranny.

When is enough, well, enough sir? You get to decide that, sir!

Questions asked – and NOW we start to see some of the answers.  And it is a nasty future for 10’s of thousands starting in less than a month.  Republicans, especially Conservative Republicans, always talk about wanting a more limited government.  Well, here is a prime example of what that ain’t -so whatcha gonna do?  And now, these folks have no choice – Government regulations acting upon what Anthem is allowed to do, has taken that Freedom away to choose for themselves.  I have been writing about this for years now – and now we see that Jeann Shaheen and BFF Obama has all but effectively killed off healthcare competition in NH.

For who can compete against Government when it is intent in crushing all of its perceived competition?  At the SNAP! of legislators fingers, POOF!, there goes an entire industry.  POOF! – there goes healthcare.  POOF! – there goes the private student loan industry.  POOF! – there goes the coal industry.  POOF! – there goes the NH fishing industry.  POOF! – there go the family farms.

“HAPPY HAPPY” these Progressives are – being the Smart People, they know better than the rest of us that we just don’t need them (we just weren’t brilliant enough to understand it).  And if this is the vaunted Obamacare that the Obamessiah promised that “you can keep your doctor” – what promises are being made about Medicare Expansion?  Remember, these fruits of Obamacare are only showing up 3 years after it was signed into law.  We certainly STILL don’t know the practical results of passing a law that nobody read before they voted on it (and understand it?  A minor piffle – we don’t have to know that, right Jeanne and Carol?).  Thank you for leading us into Enlightenment.

So NH State Senate President Chuck Morse, please ask yourself this question (if you haven’t already done so dozens of times before) – what happens to the State if the expanded Medicare program has the same “features”?  And with your leadership in the Senate, you could have stopped it from hurting tens of thousands of NH citizens?

Well now, Chuck, you will have a BIG say on the political healthare news of the day

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