How Will You Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day?

by Steve MacDonald

Obama holds closed door meeting to celebrate bisexual visibility dayThe Obama Administration is “celebrating” bisexual visibility day by holding a closed-door meeting, at the White House, with bisexual leaders from across the nation.

Visibility Day.  Closed-door meeting.  Meh.

While we are at it, how does one visibly ‘celebrate’ being bi-sexual?  Is that the purpose of the meeting? Are there going to be public indecency waivers handed out?  Or are Democrats just agitating for a new victim class?

Will there be a ritualistic “coming out” of the closed-door meeting ceremony and does it involve two doors that swing in different directions?

You could ask more questions, at least one of which should be, “is this a reasonable use of taxpayer dollars,” seeing as the last time I checked the government is supposed to stay out of the bedroom?

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