Harry Reid: Chief UnCompromiser?

by Skip

Just saw this over at TownHall:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been the most ardent proponent of President Barack Obama taking a hard line with House Republicans in the latest fiscal crisis engulfing Washington. And so far, Reid is getting his way. When the president considered sitting down with the four congressional leaders in the White House ahead of the deadline to avert a government shutdown, Reid privately urged Obama to call off the meeting, according to several people familiar with the situation.

Which, pretty much, has been the attitude of Reid and Obama during this whole charade – compromise is being redefined to be “until you agree with us 100%, there can be no compromise”.  So, if the MSM still wasn’t “Obama starry-eyed” and in the Democrat tank (and, you know, actually doing its job instead of being cheerleaders for the Dems?),what do you think this new nugget might have effected the general public if it had been reported earlier than yesterday?

And speaking of being in the tank and up to their MSM eyeballs, here is a member of the “Objective Press Class” from CNN berating calmly discussing the news of the day with two Republican Congressmen (emphasis mine, full transcript at the link): 

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD: I have got another number that you know, it might tickle your fancy, because so many people are so frustrated with what is happening. In fact, the words “spoiled children” come to mind. “Acting like spoiled children in the budget debate,” Republicans, 69 percent. Democrats, 58 percent. The President, 47 percent. Whenever you hear about the spoiled children, you don’t want to be in any of those percents. And yet, my next two guests are going to have to deal with what Americans are saying.

Great way to start an interview – imply that your guests are “spoiled kids” (and they just happen to be Republicans!)

Representative Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican from California, standing beside Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican from Tennessee, who’s also a member of the House Budget Committee. Thank you both for being on the program today. This cannot be an easy day for you, especially when you just heard what John King was laying out in the polls and you just heard what I laid out with regard to the spoiled children factor. How are you going to weather this? And I will begin with you, Congresswoman Blackburn.

Rep. MARSHA BLACKBURN (R-Tenn.): I think that what we look at is that the American people have repeatedly said they want things to be under control and run by an orderly process in Washington, D.C. We completely agree with that. And that is why we have repeatedly sent options, and possibilities to the Senate. And I’ll tell you that I think that the House is as disappointed as the American people that the Senate decided they were going to take off and have a weekend to go to ball games and play golf and things of that nature. We have been here working. We wish they were back in town now and we were addressing this. We agree with the American people. Don’t shut the government down. We don’t want to. What we want to do is keep it open and keep working to fix some of these programs that have very obvious substantiated problems and glitches like ObamaCare.

BANFIELD: It just sounds so simple when you say it like that, and it reminds me of my time in the Middle East, where both Palestinians and Israelis say we just want peace. But you both want your way, and neither one of you seems to want to blink in this ridiculous staring contest where we’re the ones that need the Visine. So Congressman Rorabacher, why the continuing resolution? And for those of us that hate the technical speak, why connect the funding of the government, the entire U.S. economy, why bring it to this brink? Why not do it at all of the other times? All of the other 100-plus congresses have been able to fund the government.

Yes, instead of “gathering and reporting the news”, this MSMer decides to have a hissy fit.  So, who really is the “spoilt child” here?  Banfield is an anchor of a nationally rated show – do you really believe that she doesn’t know this?  And to think that she would conflate Government with “the entire economy”? Who does that, unless one’s world view is that Government should be and IS at the center of all human activity (er, the exact OPPOSITE of what the Framers believed)?  And lays it all on them.

Rep. DANA ROHRABACHER (R-Calif.): Well, have you addressed that to the senate? We have already offered a compromise. You are acting – you’re telling your listeners that we Republicans are holding this up, and the government is going to shut down. We have actually reached out to the Democrats with a compromise position. We passed it –

Nice to see that Rohrabacher called out the MSM on their enabling way by selective reporting.  And of course, when confronted with the truth, she goes ga-ga:

BANFIELD: Congressman, that’s not fair. Don’t you dare put this back on me. You know full well – no, no. You know full well you attached ObamaCare and defunding it.


BANFIELD: But you can’t make something up. You cannot make something up.

So what if they did?  Report that fact.  Period.  Don’t advocate one way or the other – but she CAN’T HELP HERSELF!  And they wonder why we on the Right believe we can’t get a fair shake from the press as it is now politically constituted?  Don’t get me wrong – if they are hard on Republicans, fine.  Just have the same intensity and combativeness when dealing with Democrats.  But noooooooo…..that would spoil the narrative!

ROHRABACHER: Am I a guest on a news show, or are you here to give us a tirade? Let me finish my sentence. Let me finish my sentence.

BANFIELD: You passed a bill back to the Senate saying defund ObamaCare.


Point B would be correct – the purpose of these interviews IS to give Republicans a hard time, a tirade.  After all, they see, as good Progressives all, the altar of their religion, Big Government, being desecrated by Barbarians at the Gate.  Simply, we just don’t know what is best for us – that is up to Government to tell us what is best for us.  Point made by Rohrabacher by equating Banfield’s actions to be the exact same as Harry Reid’s Senate:

ROHRABACHER: Excuse me, do your listeners understand this is the same thing we’re putting up with with the Senate? We offer a compromise, they won’t even talk to us about it. You won’t even talk to us about it. Whose bidding are you doing? We have offered the compromise. We don’t like ObamaCare, they like it. We have reached out halfway to them, put on the table a proposal, passed a resolution to keep the government going. They opposed the resolution to keep the government going, and now say that there is no negotiations, we get it all and you get nothing. So and you are blaming us for the shutdown of the government?

BANFIELD: You said that they were doing this, and I think it’s important – you can in a moment, Congresswoman – it’s very important for people to understand what’s at stake here. There is a continuing resolution, which is the funding bill, just for the next two months to keep the government going. And the Republicans chose under a lot of pressure – Ted Cruz for one in the Senate – creating a lot of that pressure to attach defunding ObamaCare which is the law of the land. Why would you attach it, when you knew that this was going to create the problem? Go ahead, Marsha Blackburn.

ROHRABACHER: We came to a compromise.

BLACKBURN: Ashleigh, one of the things that you need to realize – and I would hope that your listeners and watchers all realize – number one, the House passes a budget every year. We have had a problem with the Senate not passing a budget. That is why we continue to work on a continuing resolution. This year, they did pass a budget, but then they said, okay, House, we are not going the negotiate with you, unless you agree to a tax increase. We weren’t going to do that. We want to do tax reform. So thereby we get into this process of the continuing resolution.

Now the biggest part of growth in the budget is health care cost. The American people by overwhelming numbers do not like what is happening with the ObamaCare. So the first continuing resolution we sent had a bill that is carried by Tom Graves in the House, and that was a defunding bill. The Senate rejected that. So we went back into the session, our compromise position that we sent back to them carried a bill that by the way, the amendment passed with bipartisan support, and that is the amendment to simply delay ObamaCare for a year.

The President has already given 1,200 waivers, he has had 19 delays, and they have missed 47 regulatory deadlines on this program. It’s not ready. So we have sent that to the Senate, and what we are hearing back is, well, they didn’t stay here Saturday, they didn’t show up Sunday to take action on it, and so they’re going to come back today. So we’ve offered them a compromise.

And again, Banfield tries to trip them up on the notion that if other government employees won’t be getting a paycheck, Congress shouldn’t either.  Rohrabacher takes the sails right out of that line of “tirade”:

ROHRABACHER: Let me answer your question specifically. Members of the Congress should not be treated any differently than any other federal employee.

BANFIELD: Is that a yes?

ROHRABACHER: For that to happen, whatever happens to the federal employee should happen to us when it comes to what we get in benefits, whether it is retirement or health care . Whatever happens to the average federal employee should happen to us, that rule should not be changed. The bottom line is we have reached out now to the Senate, when you have that numbers underneath my tie, that should be under Harry Reid’s picture, not mine. I have already done my job.

And Banfield of CNN just couldn’t resist one last shot:

BANFIELD: And it will be. Two o’clock is coming soon. Two o’clock is coming soon.

ROHRABACHER: The Republicans have wanted to compromise. They’ve said hit the road.

BLACKBURN: And we are working. We are working. We are in session, they are not.

BANFIELD: You are not the only two on the hot seat, but you are both really great to come on with me today. Please fix this mess for the rest of us. We really – we like to pay you your big salaries, but we’d like for you to do more and do more negotiating and figure it out. You are like intransigent kids.

Not much different verbiage than what Democrats have using: terrorists, arsonists, people with bombs strapped to their chests, heartless, uncompromisers, extremists.

Remember this, next time you watch / read / listen to the news.

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