GrokTALK! September 28th, 2013

by Steve MacDonald

GrokTALK! New Hampshire's Conservative PodcastThis week on GrokTALK! our guests are Kevin Bloom and Kirk McNeil, Dr. Julianne Cooper, and Shane Vander Hart.

Some of the Topics, in no particular order…the Concord city Council, Obamacare, Lumber Liquidators and Gibson Guitar, Suspicionless Checkpoints, Common Core, Asset Forfiture Reform, the Bearcat, Ray Chadwick, Industrial Hemp, the Nairobi Mall Attack, an actual racist shooting in North Carolina, Poker, ‘Law-abiding Illegal immigrants,” Common Core (again), License Plate Readers, and a detailed look at the Iowa US Senate Race situation.

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Skip, Mike, and Steve open the show with quick hits on the Kerry/Obama un-gun treaty, who called who first Obama or Rouhani, the Nairobi Mall massacre, Obese Obamacare, Patty Murray channeling Carol Shea-Porter, real racially motivated shootings, how the Feds are after good wood again, Obama’s hat-tip to NH’s Bill O’Brien, rules for video-taping Hillsborough County speakers at public meetings, and why they should want us to tape them.

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Kevin BloomIn segment Two Kevin Bloom, founder of the Informal University, drops buy with Lobbyist Kirk McNeil to discuss legislative priorites for the next session; Kevin tell us what office he’s planning to run for; we talk about the Bearcat, asset forfieture, Industrial Hemp, License-plate cameras, suspicionless checkpoints, and more…

Listen to segment Two, with Kirk McNeil and Kevin Bloom:

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Dr. Julianne cooperIn segment Three Dr. Julianne Cooper from Liberty Harbor Academy joins us to talk about Common core; Learn about the test in Florida designed to make your kids think they are a Democrat (and had best be if be to get into AP Civics) a test that no one was supposed to know about. Discover a new term- ‘Law-abiding Illegal Immigrants.’ And find out why math and reading are NOT the only subjects being consumed by the Common Core curriculm.

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In the final half-hour…
shane_vander_hart GrokTALKWe discover that the echo cancellation tools in the new board are not set quite right but manage to get on with it any way as we speak with Shane Vander Hart of Caffinated Thoughts in Iowa. Shane is the “Founder and Editor of Caffeinated Thoughts; writer for Truth in American Education, and a communications consultant to American Principles Project. Topics include a very detailed look at the upcoming US Senate race in Iowa and Shane’s thoughs on COmmon Core.

Listen to segment Four with Shane Vander Hart

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