Don’t Forget…You Usually Can’t Call 911 Until After A Crime is being Committed.

Gun free zones - where citizens try to run faster than law breakers can load a weaponIf you call 911 before there is an “emergency,” or more to the point, in the absence of one, you can get in a lot of trouble.   You can even be charged with a crime.  (Even if McDonald’s is out of McNuggets.)  So 911 does not exist to secure your property or person.   911 does not prevent a mugger, a robber, a burglar, a rapist, or a killer.  That is left entirely up to you.

911 is there so that after the emergency or crime is already in progress, after it has been committed, or discovered, someone can come and catch “the end of the movie.”  That “official” someone can take notes and pictures so that what is now recoded history might lead investigators toward preventing a repeat of whatever has already happened to you and potetntially catch the person responsible.

This is the Democrat parties safety net for you and your family.  Highly paid, well-armed stenographers.

Coming from a gang that objects to the creative destruction of the free market, this is something of a contradiction.  No, you may not be permitted to take risks with your own money and resources–in pursuit of a new mousetrap or just a better life–but when it comes to crime their plan is to give someone up so that the evidence of that crime might help them prevent the next one.

They do this, the Democrats, by fixing the game so that you are too scared, too intimidated, or too burdened by the bureaucratic and legal hurdles they have placed before you to consider your second amended rights as a means for defending your own person, family, and property before it is time to call 911.

They are not only deliberate about it, they are proud of it.  It is at the top of their national agenda.  All the progressive non-profits are fully engaged “in the debate” about “gun violence.

But the term Gun violence is used by the progressives exclusive of the very real fact that in the absence of law abiding gun owners there is actually more violence; significantly more violence, including more gun violence.

You would be right, given that reality, to question their motivations.  Why are they not more interested in what actually reduces all violence?  Why would they not be interested in what actually reduces gun violence;  concealed and open carry, castle doctrine, constitutional carry, and  the absence of legal barriers meant to prevent law abiding citizens from having a choice before it is time to call 911–that is what reduces all violence.

Why would Democrats ignore these obvious and abundant facts, why would they hide them, lie about them, even–dare I say–run away from them?

They clearly have some other objective than that which they claim motivates them.

And yet, the laws that Democrats support do not reduce gun violence.  The laws that Democrats support do not reduce violence at all.  The laws that Democrats support increase violence, theft, robbery, rape, and homicide.  And you do not have to believe me.  Do your own research.  Get away from the alphabet news networks, ignore the narratives shilled by the progressive new-media, and look at state and federal crime data as compared to actual gun laws and restrictions already in place.

The more freedom people have to do something before it is time to call 911, when it is time to call it is not to investigate what happened to you in hopes of catching the criminal before it happens again.    It is to arrest the scumbag(s) if they are lucky enough to still be alive.

That reduces crime everywhere it has been tried.

But Democrats do not want that.   Democrats want more crime and more violence–that is after all what their policy prescriptions, their “solutions” tell us about them.

Democrats want you to run away–if that is even an option.  They want you to report the crime that has occurred–if that is still an option for you.

And you might want to have your ID ready when the cops arrive.  They always ask to see some ID.

Steve on GAL

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