Bureaucratic Child Abuse…?

by Steve MacDonald

take cover hes got a pop-tart (1)The same bureaucratic group-think responsible for the long term suspensions of children playing with toy guns on private property, chewing pop-tarts, pointing pencils, playing make-believe (see list after the jump), is the same buraucratic mind-set that will be “manageing” your health care–and by extension your quality of life, your aging parents and grandparents lives, childrens lives, everyone.

Why you would let these people manage more than absolutely necessary is beyond me; why you would let them run your health care, and by extension your quality of life, is just insane.

From Dan Mitchell   “Are Government Schools a Form of Child Abuse”

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  • It means more than anything, that the bureaucrats are extremely insecure people.
    We need to finish the job by defunding them all.
    Teaching staff, maintenance staff, the Principal, and his secretary.
    No others required.

  • Oh, and the boy suspended for having a tiny gun shape on his keychain.

  • And it is abuse.

    In a just world, scores of angry parents would chase the culprit into the principal’s office, surround them with pitchforks (torches optional, fire hazard and all that), and demand an apology, along with the suspension or firing of the guilty party WITHOUT pay!


  • Don

    This is political indoctrination pure and simple. Keep anything that even resembles a gun out of kids hands in the guise of public safety. Make sure they are ignorant and scared of guns and in a generation or two we can convince them to ban those scary guns. That is the goal.

    Today in Sanborn High School the Principal reported that there was a gun nearby possibly and they went on lock down. Not much details but could be interesting…

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