Are They Imbeciles or Advocates?

by Steve MacDonald

Stasi - Are anti0gun Democrats imbeciles or advocates of the police state?Democrats claim that the state can and will protect you.  That you do not need to protect yourself.  It is a legislative priority of theirs, disarming you.  What does that tell us about Democrats?

Every time the Progressives, Democrats, Liberals, remark, mock, or complain about the private and lawful ownership of any tool to defend your own person or property, they announce to the world that you cannot be trusted to protect yourself.   They find you incompetent, unworthy of your own defense against anyone who would do you harm.  They even write laws to punish you for daring to defend yourself or your property; to dissuade you from considering it.

But every successful mugging, rape, robbery, or murder, is an example of how the Democrat policies have failed.  They have not kept you or your possessions safe.   They have only organized themselves in a way, at your increasing fiscal expense,  to document their failure.  And the fewer of you there are defending yourself, the greater is their failure.  Just look at crime rates where people are disarmed.  There are always more muggings, rapes, robberies, and murders.

And that is how they want it to be.  The police state does not protect the people or their property.  It protects the government from the people.  And it does that much more effectively when those people are incapable of defending themselves from their own government.

So if disarming the populace clearly does not reduce crime, and it does not, are these Democrats who mock and intimidate you for choosing to defend yourself imbeciles or advocates for the police state?

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