What’s “New To You” On New Hampshire Vote Fraud? Here’s a Teaser For You…

by Steve MacDonald

If you could just stop letting out of staters vote from your house that'd be greatSo you need some new dirt on the world of AG approved New Hampshire Vote fraud?

How about a German National voting from the home of an employee of the NH Attorney Generals office?

Would a British rapist voting in NH in November 2012 with their passport surprise you?

We’ve got adult children dropping in to vote here, out of state lawyers with law practices in other states voting absentee from Democrat state senators New Hampshire homes.  We know dead people can get a ballot.  The niece of VP Joe Biden voted in Manchester even though she does not live here.  And there are more OFA campaign professionals coming to NH to vote and then leaving than we have time to post–but we’ll make time, don’t you worry.  So a German national and a British rapist?

No surprise at all?

Good thing the NH AG’s office is looking out for the voting rights of actual New Hampshire citizens, yes?  Yes?

No.  They are just fine with it.  So you are getting screwed.  Stay tuned for all the ugly details.


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  • beav

    What’s the head count on republicans doing the same thing? I’d love to see Kathy Sullivan shut up before she shrieks about ‘the other side does it too!’

    • Don

      I’d be surprised if there were much on the Republican side. Democrats are at war with Republicans so the ends justify the means but Republicans are not at war with the Democrats, few if any are importing voters. That said, if our establishment Republicans keep burying their heads in the ground like ostriches, ignoring that vote fraud and not the people of New Hampshire has turned the state true blue, they’ll soon be extinct.

      • Radical Moderate

        Political extinction means nothing to establishment Republicans. They have sold their soul for the lure of a global marketplace and 30-50 million newly amnestied lines of credit.
        They don’t think beyond to concept of; more people, which means more customers, which means more money.
        They refuse to grasp that they are working towards the eventual demise of Capitalism. They are in a form of denial. Either that or they think they can outrun it or make a ‘deal’ with it.
        What they are however, are simply looters on the Titanic.

        • Don

          Sadly it seems so, they are more like Democrats but still consider themselves to be Republicans…You know you’re talking with one when they suggest they are “conservative-leaning”. To which I’m always asking what constitutes your definition of conservative and leaning? They suggest they are moderates and every self-proclaimed moderate I have ever spoken to has been clearly a Progressive.

      • allen

        establishment republicans and their high-paid advisers know they make more money from us when they’re the underdogs. they’re not about winning any more they’re all about how much money they can make off of us.

    • KenEyring

      This is NOT a Republican vs. Democrat argument. It does not matter WHO violates the law. Each and every violation should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

      Instead, the people who have the responsibility and sworn duty to enforce the laws have decided to look the other way. That makes them complicit too, and they should not only lose their jobs, but be prosecuted too.

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    What is being exposed about voter fraud is all shocking, but OMG Steve what you GraniteGrok bloggers are uncovering is beyond scary. Ken, you are exactly right, nothing more needs to be said about that except that the public must demand justice for one and all.

  • Van Mosher

    No Justice no peace. I want justice for my stolen vote.

  • Ed Naile

    If anyone read the news accounts of the AG’s phony investigation you might have picked up on the comment by Flophouse Flynn that the Obama people told them to register and vote here.

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