What’s “New To You” On New Hampshire Vote Fraud? Here’s a Teaser For You…

by Steve MacDonald

If you could just stop letting out of staters vote from your house that'd be greatSo you need some new dirt on the world of AG approved New Hampshire Vote fraud?

How about a German National voting from the home of an employee of the NH Attorney Generals office?

Would a British rapist voting in NH in November 2012 with their passport surprise you?

We’ve got adult children dropping in to vote here, out of state lawyers with law practices in other states voting absentee from Democrat state senators New Hampshire homes.  We know dead people can get a ballot.  The niece of VP Joe Biden voted in Manchester even though she does not live here.  And there are more OFA campaign professionals coming to NH to vote and then leaving than we have time to post–but we’ll make time, don’t you worry.  So a German national and a British rapist?

No surprise at all?

Good thing the NH AG’s office is looking out for the voting rights of actual New Hampshire citizens, yes?  Yes?

No.  They are just fine with it.  So you are getting screwed.  Stay tuned for all the ugly details.


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