What Has She Done to Deserve This?

It is so popular to call a Democrat “popular” that pollsters, who somehow forgot to poll our non-resident voters, are doing new popularity polls on Maggie Hassan: the Concord Monitor has just reported onone now.   Imagine that, she is “popular” and it’s a UNH poll!

Here we go again!

If another 99,000 people register to vote on Election Day in again 2014, like they did in 2012, how will this poll have any meaning now?  That is the price of letting so many non-residents vote in NH.  We have to find a way to poll people from other states.

Maggie might even be MORE popular (heh!)

This “call me popular” theme worked with John Lynch so I guess it is time to crank up the popular “popularity contest.”  I remember being at the Manchester St. Patrick’s Day Parade after Lynch had been elected.  When the Governor was introduced, the people around me were asking, “Which one is he?”

That is how popular he was in person.  The polls are another thing.  They are phony as a three dollar bill but they work as a campaign tool.

Keep up the good polls.