The Roots of Progressive Idolatry: A Boy Prays to BHO

by Scott Morales

About a week ago I wrote on the creepiness of the Obamaphiles when they demonstrate their penchant for partaking in political idolatry.  If only I had waited a week.  Sure, I cited adults throwing birthday parties for their favorite savior, Barack Hussein Obama, and wrote that …

That’s up there with the “Life of Julia”, the “remember your first time voting for Obama” ad, and the solicitation asking your friends and family to contribute to Obama instead of giving you a wedding gift. Idolatry for a political hack is indeed nauseating even if the pol was particularly accomplished– and we know, O does not fit in the “accomplished” category…

I think that kind of behavior is simply bat scat loony.  But today we steal a tiny glimpse into the twisted world of political indoctrination that blossoms into full bat scat loony in time.  The first fruits from a seedling nourished by such malevolent and fetid soil.  A young boy supplicating to the Dear Leader.  To paraphrase PJ Media, “Kim Jong Un is pretty jealous”, and if many kids are taught like this, we’re pretty f****d.

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  • Radical Moderate

    Yes Scott, this is sick beyond belief. The only problem is the majority of Obamoid voters think it’s cute. They have no clue what this means in the context of history.

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