Rally In Support of Medicaid Expansion in NH – Where Is Everyone?

progress now rally
15 minutes into the Progress Now Rally at the State House

Minnesota based Granite State Progress got a permit to hold a rally yesterday at 11am out in front of the New Hampshire state house.   The purpose of the rally was to show support for Medicaid expansion in the Granite State.

Yesterday was the public hearing on the issue ( which I wrote about here).  The expansion is a bad idea but it is one progressives want and while turnout for the hearing was good there does not appear to have been any turnout at all for the rally.

The picture you see was provided to me by Greg Moore, reportedly taken fifteen minutes into the planned event.  I also have a PDF of the application for the rally and a photo of a schedule showing the hearing at 1pm and the rally for 11am.

Progress Now immediately flagged this photo as from before the rally.  We’ve yet to see contradictory photographic evidence.

We anxiously await the images of supporters of Medicaid expansion bustling about outside the state House on a beautiful Tuesday Concord Morning.