I dream of Jeannie Shaheen too – and it’s a nightmare.

by Skip

Jeanne Shaheen Wicked WitchOnce again, WMUR’s Closeup – this week’s edition where Shaheen was the subject of two of the three segments.  I listened and just have to make some comments

  • She makes the claim that the Senate has passed more bills than the House.  Actually, the House has passed more bills than the Senate, but I guess since the House is controlled by Republicans, she gets to use another method of math.
  • Jeanne Shaheen brings up Extremists the Republicans in the Senate.   It was a constant with all of the talking head programs today – extremists, extremists, extremists.  So Jeanne, as a “public servant”, it seems that you enjoy calling those you serve, the Citizen / Voters that put them into office, Extremists?  Nice to know – we should keep that in mind.
  • In line with that, Jeanne brought up that “The Maverick” John McCain used a caustic utterance concerning those that only wish to defend basic Constitutional values (which are orthagonal to the Progressive ones that Shaheen seems to profess, if quietly) “Wacko Birds”.  Let me ask you this, Jeanne – PLEASE take McCain and keep him permanently on your side of the aisle, where he seems to belong?
  • She talked about compromise and and that it yields better legislation.  Just have to love what she did with “compromise” as a NH State Senator with her SB711!  How’s it feel to have almost singlehandedly destroying the healthcare marketplace here in NH -destroying it from over two dozen providers to just about 2 and a 1/2 providers.  This is the result of Crony Capitalism in that politicians write the legislation that only protects the strong.  Is this part of your mantra – making sure that the marketplace is tilted to those politically connected or large enough to have the political connections to get the “juice” flowing?

More after the jump – and more serious questions as well

  • With that, and with being one of the politicians in the forefront of Obamacare, you must be SO proud that the marketplace for the ObamaShaheedShea-Porter Exchange has been reduced to 1 provider.  That’s right – only ONE provider has signed up for this disaster of a Law that you so vociferously defend.  A markeplace of one is a Monopoly – why didn’t you create the law so that we New Hampshirites could have choices?  Is this what you are proud of?  How does this square with earlier words that there should be an open marketplace where competition should decide?
  • You seemed proud that the best legislation is that which is passed in a bipartisan manner.  Yet, how do you square that with how you and Carol-Shea Porter led the fight to pass the most partisan piece of legislation EVAH to come out of the Congress – Obamacare – in which ABSOLUTELY NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN voted for?
  • If only passing bipartisan legislation is important to you, why did you violate your own Standards?  This is what you are proud of?  And does this carry over to your support of getting rid of the Senate filibuster – so that you would never EVER have to worry about having bipartisan support – that you would then be able to steamroll over the minority?  Will you be proud of that?

Back to Obamacare – do you agree with leading Progressive Caucus Congresswomen Jan Schakowsky and Obama that ONLY Government should offer healthcare? Is this why you wrote NH SB711, to march NH towards that goal?  Did you help to write Obamacare so that it WOULD be an instance of Cloward-Piven and “collapse the system”, ushering in the single-payer system and put yet another nail into the capitalistic system all you Democrats so hate?

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