GrokTALK! for 8/3/13 – The videos

GrokTALK! logo smallOnce again, we had the GrokCam rolling for your viewing pleasure!

Segment 1:  Groksters Steve, Mike and Skip talk Obamacare, Government kills a Bambi named “Giggles, Big Govt Nannies:”we won’t stop until you do EXACTLY what we want you to do”……Ed Naile, CNHT Chair, comes in to talk about Voter Fraud.

Segment 2:  Groksters Steve, Mike and Skip are joined by David Hurst and Bob Burns to talk more about Voter Fraud, elections in general, and “stuff” gong around in the State.

Videos for Segments 1-4 after the jump:

Segment 3: Segment 3 (and last part of Segment 2 that went long).  Groksters Steve, Mike and Skip, along with David Hurst and Bob Burns, continue to talk about electoral campiagning.

Thought of the Day: if Dems can “fly in voters”, with an “intent to stay” that is only knowable by them, why can’t we invite all of the incoming Free Staters to come and vote – after all, they all have signed contracts to signal their intent to stay.  How about that, Ray Buckley, NH Dem Chair?  Wouldn’t you agree that the “intent” of the Free Staters is stronger than that of your political operatives, so you’d have no problem with this?  Kathy SullivanZandra Rice-Hawkins (after all, you made SUCH an impassioned plea on “intent” last week on WMUR’s Close Up program)?

Segment 4:  Lou Milanesi and Paul Horvath came in to talk about their Benghazi Vigils here in NH.  We also talk about the NEW Obama associated scandal of what looks like Obama’s CIA doing gunrunning in Libya for the Syrian rebels?  Also, why is their mission to “only seek the truth about 4 dead heros” is seen as a political attack on Hillary?


Segment 1                                                                                   Segment 2


Segment 3                                                                                  Segment 4

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