Brenda Grady – OFA Shill and Democrat Party Mule?

obamazombiesNew Hampshire House Rep Brenda Grady (D- Merrimack) has proven herself to be exactly what I claimed she and her husband were (he did not win office) before the election last November; mules for the state Democrat Party’s partisan agenda.

While the Grady’s tried to style themselves as less partisan, moderate candidates, who would work against gridlock (there wasn’t any), downshifting costs (hadn’t happened since Democrats last held the majority), and being more responsive to constituents–with a dash of the bring civility back to Concord narrative the whole Democrat party was binging on (though Democrats were more often making things uncivil) , the reality with regard to the kind of elected official Brenda Grady has turned out to be can summed up with two facts.

First, given the opportunity to reach across the aisle, to see the other side, to work together to find solutions, to be a moderating and non-partisan force that represents all of her actual constituents, Grady–who hails from one of the more Republican towns in the state–voted the Democrat line 84% of the time.   Of the 16% where she may have agreed with the majority of her Republican constituents, the majority of those were votes where the majority of Democrats also agreed.   It can therefore be argued that Brenda Grady always voted the way she was told by her own party leadership.  And a review of the votes by Democrat House Party Leadership confirms this to be essentially true.  Grady was not a more moderating force from a Republican town, she was a partisan mule for a one-party agenda, voting against the majority interest of her own Republican district at a minimum of 84% of the time.

Second, and this shores up point one succinctly, Brenda Grady is not just a supporter of OFA, but is or was the Women’s Vote Coordinator for the OFA Merrimack Team.  OFA is an extremely partisan, progressive, left wing organization, and has been in every one of it iterations.  This is a large national group that brings in out of state coordinators with bags full of out of state money, to organize local anti-liberty (we’ll call them terror cells), to agitate for the progressive agenda.

The progressive agenda abhors personal responsibility and local control.  It is more interested in centrally planned decision making from state capitols that answer to experts in Washington DC and will bully or intimate anyone who dares to disagree.  Brenda Grady may not appear to be the bullying type but by actively participating in groups like OFA she encourages an intolerance for freedom of conscience, speech, religion, opposing opinion, and  association, the latter of which is what defines the deep historical character and focus on local control that still thrives across New Hampshire.

She snuck in with the help of same day registrants, agitated by out of state community organizers using a thesis that was inherently false.  She has since demonstrated to us this as fact; Grady is a progressive Democrat, not a moderate, and incapable of representing the true interests of the people of Merrimack through the filter of her progressive ideology.

Exit question.  Grady is a Democrats  Can we assume she will be running for office on adding a second set of background checks for gun purchases, as well as the manifold of OFA policy goals?