Did Bill Clinton Just Try to Make It Easier To Buy Assault Weapons in NH?

by Steve MacDonald

Yesterday, the impeached, sex-offending, perjurer known as former President Bill Clinton said this…I dont always vote in NH but when I do I live at Martha Fuller Clarks House

“A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon.”

-Bill Clinton

To buy an assault weapon you have to provide photo ID.  You have to undergo a federal background check to ensure that no state, federal, or local laws are being violated.  So if Bill is correct in his abuse of metaphor, then it shouldn’t be harder to get an assault rifle than it is to vote in New Hampshire; which means that you can get one delivered to you ‘absentee,’ perhaps even to the state you actually live in, and all you have to do is claim to have “lived” at Martha Fuller Clark’s House in the Historical voter-fraud district of Portsmouth New Hampshire.

New Hampshire AG Joe Foster’s elections division might even hand deliver it for you.

(btw-Bill, we live in a Republic, still, if only barely…)

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