And Jennifer Horn Should Apologize?

Vote!And here comes the inevitable story from the old NH media (SeacoastOnline).  Now that liberal Democrat Martha Fuller Clark, who harbored out of state Obama campaign voters who have since asked to be taken off our NH checklist – as some were registered in several states, her “exoneration” by the NH AG is trotted out.  This is soooo NH AG – misunderstanding important words and phrases needed to do their official job. This tradition goes back several decades or more.

The NH Attorney Exonerator “exonerated” the bus load of Deerfield voters who voted from a nonexistent address on a nonexistent road – by ignoring it. They exonerated Supervisor of the Checklist, Ann Lorber, of Deering who sat at the tables of the town and school votes, in her official position, and told people not to vote for me when I was running for selectman. The only evidence they had was three affidavits from voters and reports from two moderators.

The NH AG exonerated the Bedford School District Clerk for setting up an illegal polling place, all by himself, at the Bedford town dump, where he handed out absentee ballots like free candy.  The AG in our voter fraud free state exonerated Rep. Chuck Weed for handing out home made same day voter registration forms to students in Keene where he “teaches”. Chuck didn’t like the perjury clause so his forms did not have one. Bud Fitch [now working for Kelly Ayotte  -Skip] investigated that case.

And of course, I assume they are currently in the process of mass exoneration of the ghost voters uncovered through the returned 4,000 voter letters sent to people who had no ID when the voted last November.

Our Attorney General’s Office – Elections Division, should put on an exoneration seminar in Yemen, or Cuba, since they are so good at it.  And the Portsmouth news outlet that supports voter fraud – does its job again.

This time honored tradition is predictable.  But is it sustainable?