A Matter of INTENT

I hear a lot of excuses about how we have to let THOUSANDS of non-residents vote in NH because there is no way to determine their “INTENT.”

Once again, THOUSANDS of non-resident voters come here each election cycle, steal our votes and stay on the checklists for up to ten years.

Don’t believe me?

Check out Martha Fuller Clark’s house in Portsmouth.

Have the people “in charge” of the election there taken the non-resident vote stealers off the list?

I doubt it.

Back to the problem with INTENT and how difficult it is to determine.

If the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office can not determine INTENT – then why are we having recounts?

Aren’t recounts a matter of voter INTENT? I think they are.

I happen to have been at a lot of re-counts over the years and if my memory holds true we have public officials from the NH Secretary of State’s Office determining the INTENT of every single paper ballot cast.

I have personally seen with my own two weary eyes, Secretary of State Bill Gardner say out loud what he though the INTENT of a voter was who put a circle in a box on a ballot instead of a check mark or x.

I have seen smudge marks determined for INTENT, and on and on, hundreds of times.

How come this same office, nor the Attorney General’s Office, can not determine INTENT when a person comes to NH, from a college, or Congressional office in another state, stays with a politically connected NH family, and leaves the day after the election?

Could it be they have no INTENTIONS of challenging those who steal a NH citizen’s vote?

And our state’s newspapers, the dead tree kind, how come they are not interested? (I know it isn’t easy for some papers to determine intent like it is with “phone jamming” – even when a Federal Court doesn’t see it.)

Everyone’s INTENTIONS are perfectly clear.

You are either for voter fraud or against it. There is no middle ground in NH any longer.