With Every Purchase of a Chevy Volt….Free House in Detroit!

100 dollar detroit house - Democrats can make homes affordable
“Buy a house or pair of Nike”s. Buy a house or a pair of Nike’s…”

There is a movement making its way out of the narrative-colon of the Democrat machine; Detroit failed because of Republicans.  If Republicans just spent more of other people’s money Detroit would be fine.   I can’t recall the last time there were any Republicans running Detroit but if there were they were probably left of former ‘republican’ NH House Rep Ken Gould, who had a worse “Republican” voting record than many NH Democrats.   Gould got an award for that, did you know?

So Detroit was not ruined by Republicans (unless you mean Democrats like Ken Gould).  Detroit was ruined by the unions and the Democrat party who were proud of their rust-belt jewel right up until the sold the jewel to pay off the unions, leaving them with debt and rust, which is a fitting monument to progressive politics.  Detroit is the Liberal Utopia realized.   No, it wasn’t free after all and it looks nothing like the pictures in the brochure.  But look on the bright side.  It has demonstrated at least one effect of Democrat policy which the left ought to be proud.

The Democrat Party has proven that if you let them run things long enough, their policies can make home prices more affordable.  You can grab a nice Motor-city fixer upper for $100.00.  If you are looking for something a little more “posh’ the average median home price in Detroit is at $13,000.00 and falling.  You could almost buy one with your EBT card.

What is even more ironic is that the left promised to save Detroit and the auto industry by forcing GM to manufacture the Chevy Volt, which has received billions in taxpayer subsidies, and whose additional tax payer funded rebate of $7,500.00 at time of purchase could easily be turned around and used to buy a house in Detroit.  So how about this.  Instead of all the taxpayer subsidies for a green car that really isn’t green at all, with every purchase of a Chevy Volt, you get a free House in Detroit.

I know. The already dismal Volt sales would bottom out complety forcing them to stop production, saving us billions.



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