State Law – Sure, you can have a DBV – Drive By Voting!

There is a joke in the software industry:

Why is a consultant like a seagull?

They both fly in, caw a lot, drop a load, and then fly off – and bring a whole flock back with them.

Vote!DBV – is it legal? And if so, is it moral? And does YOUR vote count if the State Or, to use that word that Progressives oft use –  “fair” (and I use that in the traditional meaning – not as Progressives wish to redefine this word as well)?  Especially in relation to voters who live here, work here, and depend that others like them to make the decisions that affect them via their elected representatives?  Yet, they already have been betrayed by the Law and by those they elected to make that Law.  In NH’s Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan’s own words (emphasis mine):

In general terms, unrelated to the allegations against Fuller Clark, Scanlan said voter fraud “is a significant crime.”

Problem is, over the last few years, his office has done diddly squat.  Ditto the Attorney General’s.

He also said state law allows a person to move to the state one day, with the intention of staying in New Hampshire and registering to vote the next day, then moving out-of-state the third day because of a life change.

A life change.  As in, perhaps, “my work here is done!” ?

But if someone moves solely to vote, he said, “that’s something completely different.

Which speaks to intent.  The intent to win for “your side”?  The intent to to make the other side lose?  Simply a “means”, as Alinsky Progressives believe, “to obtain the greater good” which for them, results in “The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen”.  Screw over the actual inhabitants of that particular State by ‘stealing’ a vote?  Meh – merely that a few eggs got cracked, merely some are collateral damage to “Lean Forward” in progressing The Collective.  Onward Workers!  Your Paradise awaits!

“It all comes down to domicile,” Scanlan said.

And this is what your legislators have wrought. And these folks that have stayed at Martha’s Motel and other assorted Operative Campgrounds know it full well.  So, when are YOU, reader, going to raise a stink about this?  Yes, the Right only owns 1/2 of 1/2 of the levers of NH Government.  But you can apply pressure to the Left too – this is about open and transparent Government.  This is not a “loophole” that somebody just missed – this was engineered (and with an assist, IMHO, from an activist Judge John Lewis – wonder how it must feel to have been “shopped”?

Am betting that Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress must grin broadly when this comes up (and yes, she tried to Alinsky me back in 2007).  It certainly is the Progressive way – they can’t stand on their own merits and their own ideas.  Always, the outside money, agitators, and useful idiots.