by Steve MacDonald


Obama - Mirror Reflection

The death of 6′ 1″  5′ 11″ Trayvon Martin was a tragedy as is the loss of any life but he chose to pin George Zimmerman to the ground and then attempt to
turn his head into meatloaf.

If Mr. Zimmerman had not then had to shoot Mr. Martin in an effort to save himself from additional injury or death no one would have ever heard of either of them and Travon’s trial for aggravated assault, attempted murder, or even the murder of George Zimmerman, would have never even registered on the race-baiter/anti-gun left’s radar.

The circus-left and their ring-masters in the media do not care about anyone’s life or their rights.

These people are only interested in what perception politics can advance their pursuit of political power.   If it can’t push their agenda forward, they don’t give a damn about it.

They don’t care about what could have happened to George Zimmerman.  They don’t care that had Martin Killed Zimmerman, Martin would have gone to prison.   Martin didn’t mean a damn thing to them until he was dead; and only because he happened to be black and the guy who was forced to shoot him was not.  So he is the exception to the rule.  Thousands of young men just like him die or go to prison without the light on the left’s outrage meter even flickering.

Reflect on that.

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