Freedom is Sexy

Skip linked to this post (from here) and it seemed worth revisiting.  It remarks on how the Constitutional Republic is what is new and sexy and that what the progressive Democrat wants for your government is not new at all.  What they want is old and tired; a game used to deceive and control you.

Some say fire keep cave too warm. Some say fire make CO2-bad.  Other say need permit to start fire.
Some say fire keep cave too warm. Some say fire make CO2-bad. Other say need permit to start fire. No fire before certain time. Can’t burn this in fire. Make sure fire 50 feet from cave.

That is how tyrants stay in power.  That is how socialism works.  What the modern Democrat party wants is not new.  It is not progress.  It is the near constant state of struggle and misery (in forms similar or tangential) that has plagued our world since man first walked it.  The Constitutional Republic is what is new, what is different, what is innovative and unique.  And it has created more prosperity in just a few hundred years than the rest of history combined.  It has heralded more innovation, better standards of living, and a happier, healthier people than at any point on the arc of human history.

The US Constitution is the new political technology.  It protects Freedom.  And Freedom is sexy.

So why are modern Democrats in their Paleo party so afraid of it?  Because they can’t control it.  It doesn’t answer to them.  And it most certainly does not listen to them.  And this disturbs our modern-day monarchs.  So they tell you stories.  Make up lies.  Bend the truth.  They offer you tribute in exchange for loyalty and intimidate or punish the disloyal.


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