Dr Betsy McCaughey: The Real Reason For The ObamaCare Delay

by Mike

On Cavuto yesterday, Dr McCaughey explained why the delay in Obamacare implementation is not a reprieve, but yet another ploy by Obama to move it along:

Not to mention the $60Bn added costs without accompanying revenues as younger citizens are pushed into the Healthcare exchanges. Or that failing to uphold the law is unconstitutional.

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  • Radical Moderate

    You hit the nail right on the head Mike. The purpose of Obamacare in it’s present form is to collapse the system and force the ‘masses’ to beg for a single-payer system (aka socialist system). The problem is that the majority of ‘Kardashian Nation’ thinks this is a partisan issue. But I think we all realize here that there are elements at the top where parties do not matter that need a single-payer socialist system in place before they move to next step.

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