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Do you know this Annie Kuster “camera grab-a-like”?

Angry Man in KeeneA loyal reader sent me this tip and asked if I could post it – we have another “Anybody recognize this guy?“?  If you know, let us know in the comments or email me

I think most people who would venture here know about the Robin Hood operation out in Keene – the folks that have been staying a couple of steps ahead of the parking / meter maids and saving the car owners from tickets from overstaying their parking.  Heck, it not only went viral, it hit the major news networks!  I’ve heard of people doing this from time to time – mostly during prime shopping seasons and the shopkeeps and Chamber of Commerce folks have had “drop a dime” campaigns in the meters so as to draw in more shoppers to keep their tills tinkling.

Sidenote: with the newer centralized kiosks that spit out paper stubs to put under your windshield, this kind of “showing kindness to strangers” may get much harder.

However, not everyone is thrilled to their core about this (probably due to the way that the attendants have been swarmed by the “Merry Banders” with cameras.  I “get” the political street theater stuff and yes, sometimes it can be overdone.  But this “Angry Man” (not to be confused with Islamic Rage Boy……maybe) had NO reason to be angry.  First off, Derrick is just standing there with his camera focused on a car and a card that had been left behind when Angry Man drives up (starting at 2:07) and for no reason, unloads on Derrick and then steals his camera (is this typical behavior of Democrats, Annie, the taking of other peoples’ property by simply grabbing it?).

The worst? I think this guy has to reside on the Left side of the aisle- I really can’t believe that “Angry Man” actually said

“You have to respect other peoples’ Rights in this town.  Because we have to lose some of our Rights for you to GAIN your rights. You’re being rude!”

Spoken like a true “life is absolutely a zero-sum game” Statist.

We Conservatives still believe that our Rights, our TRUE Rights, are gifts from God.  They are innate simply by dint of birth – and the Founders made it clear that Government was enacted to protect those right (and that Govt itself should respect that boundary between itself and the Citizens it is supposed to serve).  Rights just “are” and that when someone invokes and exercises their Rights, it does not cost anyone else anything.  For example, for you to exercise your Right to Free speech, it should not cost me a thing (including paying attention).  However, Angry Man shows the contempt for the philosophy of the Declaration of Indepence and its philosophy that undergirds the Constitution – a regression back to a Hobbessian State where your Rights are granted by the State, and taken back in either a Unitary or Majoritarian fashion.  It also shows that he himself must be good with taking others Rights away at some point, as he complains that the Robin Hoods (and Derrick) are “taking away his Right”).

My question is “What Right”?  Derrick is already videoing and narrating and then Angry Man decides to butt in (was that Angry Man’s Right, to insert himself into somebody else’s activity)?  How was it the Right of Angry Man to demand that the camera not be on him simply because he was done with his opening rant (sorta like the IRS’s Lois Lerhner who, in front of Congress, made her declaration of innocence and then decided to do the “Fifth Amendment mime” job)?

And what was the Constitutional Right that speaks to Angry Man’s ability to simply take somebody else’s property like he was a spoiled little brat taking some other kid’s  ball home simply because HE decided that “the owner wasn’t using it right”?  Typical Leftist – “*I* get to do what *I* want, you on the Right are scum, and *I* get to take your property to punish you to boot“.

And in typical fashion, he only got stopped when somebody ELSE calls him out on acting like a jerk.

And after this, I’m betting he’d want to take my keyboard.  Molon Labe, baby!

(H/T: Mike)