Data Point – the cost of Renewable Energy

WindmillsAn abstraction from the Wall Street Journal (via Junk Science):

  • Wind and solar make up 3.5% of America’s electrical generation
  • Denmark gets 30% of its electrical generation from wind
  • Germany gets 12% of its electrical generation from wind and solar
  • Germany has used used $250 Billion to deploy to 12%

By 2020:

  • Denmark wishes to push that percentage to 50%
  • Germany wished to push their percentage to 35%

Result NOW?

  • Germany and Denmark pay 300% MORE than the average American Citizen

Morality – the “Environmentalists” (especially the really rich that fund these Environmental groups that hide their agenda with “you DO want clean air, water…..or you hate children and puppies”.

Next step?  These stats infuriate the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and lot of other like minded groups of wackos.  They’d prefer that OUR costs would be even higher (and still wish upon a star that our gas costs were over $10 / gallon – minimum).    They will double down and work harder to make you pay more to make them feel good about themselves.

And you all don’t think that politics matter much?  They want you to continue to think that.  They also don’t want you to think about their actions to restrict your Energy Freedom will affect your personal economics (after all, if your monthly electrical bill is $100, what’s paying $200 more a month)?

Remember, like all Progressive ideas, they know better how you should live and spend your money better than you do.