Bad-Lee Had?? KTVU San Francisco Posts Fake Korean Pilot Names

by Mike

SumTing Wong, Captain? We can't make this stuff up, but somebody at KTVU San Francisco actually put these EPIC 'Korean' Pilot names on the air!

SumTing Wong, Captain?
We can’t make this stuff up, but somebody at KTVU San Francisco actually put these
#EpicFail ‘Korean’ Pilot names on the air!

Apparently nobody ran the standard airport announcement troll test. I remember that it used to be a ‘sport’ amongst youngsters to grab the airport courtesy phone and ask to have an announcement made for a foreign visitor, with the name carefully spelled out, to see if they could sucker the announcer into reading something which transliterated hilariously into English when sounded out.

“Ho-Lee Fuk, Wi Tu Lo!”
KTVU were “Bad-Lee Had”, indeed!
The perps must have been “ROFLMAO”!   Bada Bang Ding Ow!!!       H/T
Update: NTSB admits an intern “Acted outside the scope of his authority” – in other words, pwned KTVU!

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  • Gary DeLaBatte


  • pissed off

    This is funny to you, reveling in a racial insult? This is some sort of joke to continue to perpetuate racist stereotyping? It’s clear that despite all what you all claim, racist is rampant, even in your column, and your children should be ashamed of you.

    • granitegrok

      Hey, pissed off, get off your race card high horse for a moment. See this: “pwned KTVU!”

      The whole thrust of the “funny” in post was NOT in giving you a chance to throw your outrage around; instead, it was a slap against a TV station that allowed it self to become a mockery for not bothering to really READ what they broadcast (and, to boot, not further questioning the NTSB on their information).

      We bloggers are often derided by the elite MSM for not having the vast resources in checking their story sources – yeah, like that worked out so VERY well. Sure, we make mistakes, but then again, we all have day jobs in addition to writing here.

    • What Skip said!

      The entire point was that NTSB did not supervise a youthful intern, and the intern played the kind of prank that youths at airports often do. The TV station was so anxious to have a scoop that they failed to perform the most basic sound check of reading the words aloud before air time. Bada Bang Ding Ow!!!
      Any reasonable person would know that these are tasteless word jokes at first glance – the TV station was rightfully pwned!

      Oh, and get this, from an Asian commenter at
      “Rui Rong | ? ?? @MisterRong

      Sum Ting Wong, @KTVU? Ho Lee Fuk you should be embarrassed and feel sorry for disrespecting the crew of #Asiana214.”

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