Additional Background Checks for NH? Put Up or Shut Up!

by Steve MacDonald

I wanted to remind everyone that they need to ask every New Hampshire Democrat, in office or running for elected office, if they will be insisting on state legislation that adds another layer of background checks for legal gun purchases in the Granite State?  This should be a key element of their policy agendas.  And all those Democrat reps that were reading names in Concord next to the Bloomberg bus, they had better have their LSR’s ready for this fall and be proudly trumpeting their intention to recommend bills that will force another layer of background checks on the people of New Hampshire, on top of the ones we already have.

You heard the State Democrat Party and their media flunkies.  Over 90% of New Hampshire citizens “polled” want it.  90%.  It’s a free throw, a gimmie, a bird in the hand and two in the bush.

In fact, I can’t figure out why these same New Hampshire Democrats have not been submitting legislative requests year after year after year to add these critical, and apparently very popular, additional (or enhanced) background checks on gun purchases in New Hampshire.  A search of bills going seven years found nothing related to background checks and firearms.  There were plenty of bills for background checks on state and municipal employees, and other sorts of employees, but not for firearms.  Not one.

How could this be so damn important, and yet not one Democrat ever ran on the issue or submitted a bill?  Maybe there a bit of spin going on here.  Or perhaps they all just full of s***?  I think perhaps the latter.  But let’s give them the opportunity to put your money where their “polling data” is.  If over 90% of New Hampshire wants yet another layer of background checks for legal gun purchases, Democrats in the legislature should be tripping over themselves to submit background check bills.  Start tripping.

And so what if the current regiment of background checks and laws for gun purchases in New Hampshire just happen to coincides with our state having one of the lowest homicide rates in the nation… and one of the lowest crime rates in the entire country year after year; while states with those more strict laws and additional checks and restrictions just happen to have much higher rates of crime and homicide.   Those things can’t possibly be connected.  And after those statistics are debated at length in the press and seen by the general public, and everyone knows exactly what kind of background checks for gun purchases we already have (which will be news to Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter at the very least), it can only reinforce the populations desire to add more taxpayer funded bureaucrats so we can be more like states run by Democrats for years and years, despite their consistently higher violent crime rates, and homicides.

C’mon New Hampshire Democrats!  Submit those bills.  Run on the issue.  Don’t hide behind a national campaign looking for DC critters to do your job.  If Democrats and groups like Granite State Progress believe this is what New Hampshire wants…what are you waiting for?  Promote it in-state, submit those bills, put it on the state Democrat party platform, and run on it in 2014.

With 90% support how can you lose?






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