92% Of NH Democrats Will Not Run for Office on Expanded Background Checks

by Steve MacDonald

While doing some research on another OFA ‘voter’ in New Hampshire, one Katrian Lipniski (see also Katrina Lipinski de Orlov), I came across a picture in her twit pic ‘album’ of OFA activist Jess Steever holding a super-sized New Hampshire ‘Jess Steevers’ drivers license in front of the state house in Concord.  Note to Katrina–nice vagina pictures (sarcasm)–looks like that would be painful–hope that’s not yours; and I can’t tell you how very happy I am to hear that you are now “better friends with “Mike Hunt…”  meaning your…vagina, (They used the ‘c’ word), so much so that you would share pictures on twitter.  That’s not objectification though, right?

Anyway, as fate would have it, the same day I discovered the Steever Kodak Moment, someone delivered to my in-box an editorial from the Manchester paper that quotes Governor Maggie Hassan.

Gov. Maggie Hassan said through a spokesman last week that she wants to repeal the entire voter ID law passed in the last legislative session. She echoed her claims from last year that there is no voter fraud in New Hampshire, but the photo ID requirement hinders the right to vote. 

So Democrat Guvenuh Hassan thinks ID bad.  Bad for voting.  Intimidates voters.  The editorial goes on to point out the myth Hassan (and any proper-progressive) clings to, but fails to mention (perhaps due to space limitations) that everywhere voter/photo ID has been implemented and enforced the number of people voting has gone up, even New Hampshire, particularity among women and minorities.  We might ask why Democrats would so vehemently object to a process that increases the turnout of voters, those in particular whom we presume are more likely to vote for Democrats.  Perhaps I’ll explore that further at another time.  I have a different contradiction in mind this morning;  Steever, OFA, and the pointy head behind the super-sized license photo.

ID hypocrites--ID for background checks but not for voting

I am one of…the Progressive photo ID hypocrites

In the picture we see a printed document held beneath the license that reads…

“I am one of 92% of Americans who support universal background checks.”

Jess, Katrina, Governor Hassan, all the OFA folks, and very likley every Democrat in New Hampshire, share several things in common.  They are misrepresenting the percentage, misleading people about what background checks already exist in New Hampshire and when they are required, and are raging hypocrites for selling their agenda in this way while simultaneously objecting with every ounce of their being to…”background checks to vote.”

Voters decide gun policy by voting for legislators who can just as easily loosen laws as create more strict ones.    By refusing the ‘electoral equivalent’ of background checks on registrants and same day voters, and ensuring that they are who they say they are when they vote, anyone could just flood the state (with progressive out of state OFA activists and Democrat family members–just as an example) and tip the results to their own political advantage regardless of what the actual citizens want.

Steever, like Lipinski de Orlov, by the way, is an OFA activist paid with out of state money, to perpetrate the perception of 24/7/365 political crisis everywhere their beady little liberal eyes look, and to then manage that fabricated crisis in the interest of OFA’s national progressive agenda. That includes misrepresenting truths, ignoring them, or creating new ones if it advances that agenda.

Steever, at least, appears to be from NH.  (Katrina Lipinski de Orlov was helicoptered in by OFA to run OFA-Merrimack–yes, she voted there–and is ignorantly grinding the anti-self defense axe (like Jess) as directed by her DC handlers, up and down the Manchester Nashua blue line and beyond.

So there you go.  We already have ID for background checks.  We already have Federal background check forms to fill out, even at gun shows.  And now we have a progressive OFA activist using a drivers license as a prop to argue for what we already have.   We also have plenty of “voters” in New Hampshire who carry out of state drivers licenses, and a governor who wants to overturn all voter ID law in New Hampshire.

What we won’t have is very many Democrats in New Hampshire running for office on additional background checks.  I can guarantee you will not see 92% of all Democrats running for Elected office on another layer of background checks in New Hampshire.  And wont that be ironic.





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