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Yes We SCAN; Stasi 2.0: Germans Greet ‘The One’ With Dark Humor

YesWeScan-Composite Living under Communism, and a police surveillance state, confers a certain dark sense of humor. The Berliners, especially the East Germans, grew up in a society of pervasive snooping and snitching, and they know whereof they speak.

Even though the Obama Regime thus far resembles the Keystone Kops more than the Gestapo, German protesters made their displeasure with American electronic eavesdropping abundantly clear with biting humor and sarcasm. In this composite, and in the original pictures tweeted by the protesters on Wednesday (below the fold), you can see
Listening dishes emblazoned with the logos of digital giants like Google and Yahoo, alongside the NSA logo.
Pictures of Obama in headphones with captions like “Yes, We Scan” and “All Your Data Is Belong To Us”, and the taglines “STASI 2.0” and “Digital Society”.
The Giant “YES WE SCAN” banner, and the pièce de résistance, strung up at Checkpoint Charlie “Entering The American Zone – Your Privacy Ends Here!”

Send for the Justice Brothers! Little Barry can’t get no RESPECK!

Oh, how the mighty Messiah has fallen! From 200,000 adoring supporters for the “Citizen Of The World” in 2008, to 6,000 “invited” audience members in 2013, and protests to boot. As one protester’s sign said: “Change You DID Believe In”!




H/T Michelle Malkin's
H/T Michelle Malkin’s