A Democrat Who Wouldn’t Know Sincere If He Heard It

by Steve MacDonald

Maggie Louisville Slugger Hassan - Beat Republicans with a batNew Hampshire Democrat Party Spokes-kid Harrell ‘Jersey Shore’ Kirstein, in response to State Senator Andy Sanborn apologizing for mistyping Governor Hassan’s name in a tweet, has questioned whether Senator Sanborn’s apology was sincere. (Hippo Press)

(Sanborn Typed Haggie instead of Maggie.)

Interesting tack for the Democrats if you consider that the Republican Sanborn’s Democrat opponent, Lee Nyquist, had a campaign manager (Kevin Hodges) who during the 2012 campaign said that Democrats should beat Republicans with a bat, with their hands, with their feet…to which then candidate for Governor Hassan said That’s a good answer‘ …as a room full of Democrats in Goffstown laughed.

I confess to not remembering if Hassan, Nyquist, or Hodges, ever apologized at all…

Sanborn Haggie - Hippo Press

Press Clip where Harrell asks…

…obviating the need at even attempting to be sincere. Is that how you guys manage that?  Just don’t even try?  Or are you all simply incapable?

I’m quite certain neither Hodges nor Nyquist ever apologized to Sanborn, who would clearly be the most obvious object of Mr. Hodges assault against a Republican political opponent (to the laughter of your fellow Democrats).

Hey Harrell, want to dig those apologies up for us so we can decide whether or not we think they were sincere enough?  And I think they’d have to be apologies to all Republicans lest we presume all Democrats support the remarks of Mr. Hodges.  That’s how it works, yes?

And here’s the video in case you forgot what they were supposed to be apologizing (sincerely) for…


H/T Mar-Mar Rogers


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