GrokTALK! Rewind Weekend – June 29th 2013

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This week on GrokTALK! we took the week off.  So here are four guest segments form previous programs that are well worth listening to again.

Greg Moore, the state director for AFP-NH talks about Medicaid and the New Hampshire budget, the failure of Medicaid in general, UNH sabbaticals, Lobbying,  funding, conferences, and more.

Bill O’Brien, NH House Rep and former Speaker of the House talks to Skip and Steve about budgets, deficits, dishonest accounting gymnastics, devolving power from Concord and returning it to the towns and the people, and how his exploration of a potential congressional run is going.

JR Hoell, New Hampshire Republican House rep,  stops by to talk about education, Charter Schools, the New Hampshire budget, Unions, and how we need need to help people understand when government policy is hurting them and their children

And John Hikel, NH House Rep, drop in to discuss when government doesn’t work, holding legislators accountable, who the real extremists are, Constitutions, oaths, and obligations and the road back to them if such a road exists.

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