Spooktacular: US Secret Service Patrols The Irish Fields In Shiny New TRACTORS!

UK-Tractors-TheSun “We patrol the fields and scatter
The good rubes from the land!”

Incognito, my arse! Irish farmers bemused by asinine attempt of US secret service to blend in as they patrol the plowed fields around the luxury Lough Erne resort where the G8 Summit was held this weekend. Not only are regular patrols on tractors going to look a bit odd at the best of times, but, as usual for The Traveling Obama Show, no expense was spared, and so things rapidly escalated from the sublime to the ridiculous…

If “Incognito” means “unrecognizable”, then the only thing not recognizable with these spooks was commonsense – in a place where the economy is a bit shaky, and shiny new tractors are likely to draw attention in the same way as sudden riches, our finest and most discreet spooks bought themselves a WHOLE FLEET of shiny new tractors!

Something about “Military Intelligence” and Oxymorons?? Or as the locals put it: “This is comedy gold, like something out of ‘Father Ted’ – They’ll stick out like sore thumbs!”

Sequestration anyone? Can’t we just sequester Obama for the rest of his term?

P.S. Coming soon – the return of the ‘African Queen’ as Moochelle and Barry blow (bad word choice) $100M on Sub-Saharan tourism diplomacy!