PorcFest: Surprise Keynote Speaker – Michael Boldin

by Mike

This Friday, at PorcFest X, the TENTH PorcFest, the keynote speech will fittingly be given by Michael Boldin, founder and Executive Director of the TENTH Amendment Center – 10th + 10th = 110% effort defending our freedoms.

This is a speech you won’t want to miss!

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  • Chris P. Bacon

    Pork fest?

    • granitegrok

      Porcfest…as in Procupine Fest. A Free State Project / Libertarian event held in Northern NH (Rogers Campground). Held yearly, it attracts 1200-1500 people.

  • balencesto


    Michael Boldin is the founder and executive director of the Tenth
    Amendment Center (TAC), an organization that favors “nullification” of
    federal laws it considers unconstitutional. Boldin describes the TAC, which offers model bills and resolutions on
    its website, as “a non-partisan think tank that supports the principles
    of strictly limited constitutional government.” As a practical matter, however, the TAC is on the political far right, opposing a whole array of federal laws and regulations. It has gained
    wide support among hard-line libertarians and neo-Confederates who are still angry at the powers the federal government accumulated after the Civil War that allowed it, among other things, to act against segregation, discrimination and other social ills. (In the 1950s, several states tried unsuccessfully to resist desegregation by nullifying federal laws. The courts have consistently rejected nullification as unconstitutional.)

    • Bubbles

      Ohhh, guy who got a bachelor’s in flute all of sudden knows “practical’…

      • balencesto

        I’m so happy I can give your life meaning scarlett . . . it seems you rarely if ever post here except to attack me when I post. It’s nice to know that I control your pathetic existence much like a puppeteer controls one of their lifeless puppets. I post something and you, in true Pavlovian fashion cannot help yourself from attacking me. Notice that I’m never the attacker – I only defend myself.

        BTW, my degrees are in MUSIC MANAGEMENT(yes, that’s a business and music major) and MUSIC EDUCATION. I never majored in performance and if I did it would have been on guitar. Flute is in fact the instrument that I’m least capable on.

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