Immigration and the Market Economy

Dr. Thomas Sowell makes a point that should seem obvious to any pro-market economy Republican…

Farmers may wish for more farm workers, just as any of us may wish for anything we would like to have. But that is wholly different from thinking that some third party should define what we desire as a “need,” much less expect government policy to meet that “need.”

In a market economy, when farmers are seeking more farm workers, the most obvious way to get them is to raise the wage rate until they attract enough people away from alternative occupations — or from unemployment.

With the higher labor costs that this would entail, the number of workers that farmers “need” would undoubtedly be less than what it would have been if there were more workers available at lower wage rates, such as immigrants from Mexico.

It is no doubt more convenient and profitable to the farmers to import workers at lower pay than to pay American workers more. But bringing in more immigrants is not without costs to other Americans, including both financial costs in a welfare state and social costs, of which increased crime rates are just one.

This applies equally to positions demanding higher levels of education as well.   The high-tech labor marketplace is not-limited to our shores.  Companies seeking qualified personnel and qualified personnel seeking employment in America, are just an  Internet click away from each other, if that were in fact even necessary in a job market with a pool as deep and wide as the domestic one we have now.   The problem is not a lack of workers it is a lack of jobs or income incentives to seek credentials or skills for job changes.

Until that sitution is improving, there is no reason whatoever to rush immigration reform; unless there are indstries looking to offest the forced costs of other bad government policy decisions by flodding the market with cheap “legal” labor–(another bad policy that benefits the corportists thanks to the professional Democrats and Establishemnt Republicans.)

And that is where we seem to be because if you are a ‘republican’ and you want to pass any old immigration bill you just use the same tired talking points, just like the left does with background checks.  We know ‘the enhanced background checks’ do not stop the crime the left insists they will and yet they continue apace with the same tired rhetoric, sprinkled with the strong emotions tied to the memory of recent victims, hoping that guilt, not need, will carry their pointless legislation forward; the real point of the legislation having nothing to do with their claims–clearly, because we know they don’t work as advertised.

And now we’ve got an immigation bill Democrats want and Obama would love to sign.  That doesn’t even tip the meter in the mental spaces that are supposed to be populated with the Republican Establishments gray matter?  Not even a jiggle?  I see red flags rising accross the landscape clear to the horizon and the best the professional right can do is wag its tail, tonge lolled out to one side wiaitng for the PC police to pat them on the head and say good boy, before smacking them with a paper and sending them out into the rain for thinking this means there is a space for them up on the couch.

You gangs of Republicans who are supporting immigration-amnesty before border protection and enforcement are just drug mules for left-wing policy.  But in this case it’s a policy that could be the end of you altogether.

When political parties die, if I’m not mistaken, the cause of “death’ is almost always suicide.