Hillsborough County Democrats Don’t Want You To Know They Just Raised Your Taxes

Hillsborough Democratss stand in objection to a roll call vote on bigger budget
1 of 4 pics showing NH Democrats who rose in opposition to going on the record for increasing the Hillsborough County Budget.

When a roll call vote was asked for, to go on the record in support of a substantial county budget increase, elected NH Democrats in the Hillsborough country delegation went of their way to ensure that there was no record of the vote.

What happened to transparency?  If you are certain that you need to vote to raise spending and thus increase peoples taxes what kind of coward votes to raise taxes but refuses to go on the record?  Uhh…a Democrat Coward, that’s who.

So is it safe to say that none of these Democrats can defend their vote to increase county spending 3.5 times the rate of inflation?  They are not even able to tell us who needs that money more than we do?  That’s Democrat leadership for you.   Wait.  Are they all going to start blaming the county budget increase on some YouTube Video?

Bill O’Brien remarks (From Facebook) follow…

Hillsborough County state representatives (serving as members of the County Convention) met this evening and voted 48 to 32 to increase the county budget at three and half times the inflation rate starting July 1, 2013 (May, 2013 annual inflation rate: 1.36%; budget increase: 4.8%).

Before the vote, Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown) requested a roll call so people could see how every state representative voted. That request first had to be approved by a majority vote of the Hillsborough County state representatives at the meeting.

I am forwarding a series of photographs we quickly took of the (mostly Democrat) representatives who stood to vote to oppose an open roll call vote on the budget vote. In other words, the people standing in these photographs were trying to secretly vote to hide their budget votes from the people they represent.

Share this with your Hillsborough County neighbors and ask them if they recognize any of these state representatives who hide their legislative votes.

By the way, they won that vote to have a voice vote on the budget, but then reconsidered and reversed themselves when they saw us taking pictures. That didn’t stop them from going on and adopting the big budget increase.