Hey! GraniteState Progress! Don’t Forget to Honor This “Victim” of Gun Violence

If you’re going to perpetrate a serial fraud to intimidate legislators to impose failed laws New Hampshire does not need, you’d best be thorough.  So having read the names of these folks you are going to have to add this guy as well.

Patrons had been lining up all week — at least of them one since last Monday — to get the new Nike LeBron X EXT shoes. …

Reports indicate the crook used a gun to try and rob everyone one in line. But one person wasn’t having it. An armed citizen in line used his own gun to fight back — he opened fire on the man and hit him. The crook ran a little ways before collapsing and dying.

“He really stood up for all of us,” Taylor White — a fellow patron — told WSB. “And I salute him, to the homie that did that.”

So a line of patrons is being robbed at gun point…

No one happens to have a police officer on them at the time but at least one patron is licensed to carry and does.  This guy, the one whose life the out of state monied lefty groups like GraniteState Progress  and Mayors Against Illegal Guns would affect the most by their efforts–criminals don’t follow laws if you recall–is the one who stops the criminal and protects the people and property assembled.

No whiny liberals appear to have been present to complain about how the lawfully armed citizen frightened them with his scary gun.  But fear not.  We have them here, and they will not stop until they have enacted top down Federal regulations upon us that will wash the hands of local legislators while doing nothing about gun violence except to make it more likely.

Oh, and there’s video.

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