George Lambert Eye’s Run For Governor of New Hampshire

george lambertNew Hampshire Republican House Rep George Lambert has indicated and confirmed that he is exploring a potential run for governor of the Granite State.

If you are interested in getting to know who George really is you can begin at his new facebook page “George Lambert Exploring Run for Governor 2014.”  But I can tell you right now that one of the things most important to him are the Constitution and the limits of state power.

George loves taking out the constitution and talking about what it means to the people it was written to protect.  And in an age where some parts of the government are more interested in making excuses for why the Constitution does not apply or does not matter, it is important to bring that discussion to the front of the line.

The Governor, as chief executive of the state is tasked with enforcing the law, which includes enforcing the highest law first and foremost, the Constitution; and protecting that state’s citizens both from laws that violate the state and Federal Constitution, and any overreach by the Federal government.

Whoever our Governor is, given recent events, where it has become clear that the state (Government) feels entitled to whatever data it wants regardless of the law or the rights of its citizens; where the IRS can decide who gets to engage in public awareness and how and will soon be tasked with managing the messy parts of the health care implementation and enforcement regime, whomever we consider for our next governor may be the only person who can stand between us and the overreach and abuse of Federal power.

That is one of the things your governor is supposed to do.  To protect the people of their state from Federal overreach.  Is George that person?  He sounds like that person.  He acts like that person. If he does run we’ll have 18 months to work it out.

So lets get started.

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