EMail Doodlings – What do you think about the NYC group trying to influence NH political system?

This came over the transom a little bit ago:

tell me what your thoughts are regarding NYC paying for a group that comes to NH and gets space in the House Calendar as a “not for profit type group”? Is this not coercion of NY on the political system of NH?   just a thought.

I thought was a pretty good question, so here is what I sent back for a response:

Well, it wasn’t NYC itself that paid for it – Bloomberg and a couple of other big donors are bankrolling MAIG.  They may have reached out to Deputy Dawg Shurtleff (or v.v; not much matter which way it happened) and those two polls put it onto the calendar.  Coercion?  Not in my mind as Shurtleff and that other person are useful idiots at the least and willing participants most likely.

Outside influence on NH?  Absolutely.  Is it new?  Hardly.  Will it stop?  Not much likely – NH, relatively speaking, has little money of its own.  Thus, there will always be those in NH looking outward for folks to open the spigots where the hose ends in Concord.  You can’t shut it off:  money IS free speech (indirectly).  We may wail about it on this issue and the Other Side will do so on other issues.  Unfortunately, there will be no financial disarmament on either side in the near or mid-term future (if ever).  Why?

Simple – human greed, be it money for capitalists or “Power Over Other Peoples Lives and Behaviors” for politicians and bureaucrats.  Combine that thought with the reality that Government has grown so big that there are just so many power levers just waiting to be pushed or pulled. Government has been moved from being in the lower position of Umpire (the Founders) to a more intrusive (and dangerous) one of “Determining How People Behave” (the Progressives).  The Founders wanted a limited government which meant, by definition, that there were VERY few levers of power to be manipulated and the Individual made the decisions for themselves.  Progressives have destroyed that philosophy and have put Government ahead of We The People.  With that regressive change and the geometric rise of the number of those power levers that can tell We The People what to do is too much a lure for the greediness for power by politicians (and demi-totalitarians).

Thus, elections and influence have great import as the “political spoils of war” in winning elections is to sit in the seat of power levers.  That’s why we have so much outside influence here in NH as even in this little “State, Government, the levers can radically change the underlying philosophy and relationship between We The People and the Government.  In this case, the underlying meme is “who is responsible for protecting you”?  Progressives, and Deputy Dawg think-alikes believe that ONLY the State should possess the Force needed for protection thus incrementally continue the process to disarm the populace.  Which brings up the MOST important meme: Who Should be in Charge: People as Individuals or the Collective State?

Shurtleff, Bloomberg, the Kellys, the Democrats, Socialists, and Statists (including the Republican ones) believe only in the Collective State regardless of what comes out of their mouths.  I have now watched politics in detail and intensely enough to know that they cannot tell the truth about their future plans – else they would NEVER get their hands on the Levers of Power.  They can only assume the Seat either by lies of omission or by commission.

Hmm, don’t be surprised if I post this up as an Email Doodling – GREAT question!

And so I have.