Breaking News: Bloomie’s anti-gun rally in Concord led by Deputy Dawg Shurtleff a dud

I was not there (little thing called work) but have had several calls about what was going on.  The big news:

  • More people there to demonstrate for Second Amendment Rights than the anti-Constitution / anti-gun crowd; what happened MoveOn and Granite State Progress?
  • The big “event” of the event was the Concord Police making fools of themselves in how they handled a drunk who was losing control of himself.

Much more later as Grokster Rick was there with camera catching lots of video and talking with those that were there to support our Constitutional Rights and protesting NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s Astroturf group, Mayors against illegal guns” fueled by his billions of personal wealth.  While we have no problem at all with his capitalistic gains, we have major problems with his fascist notions that because he is mayor, he can act like NH State Rep Leigh Webb believes: “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ and certainly Bloomie has taken full advantage of that in trying to passing laws that tell NYCites how they are to live out their lives.

The drunk: unshaven, disheveled, hygienically challenged, and swearing up a storm.  No one knows who called the cops but they certainly arrived in a hurry.  First hand reports called into me say that one cop got right up in his face, almost desiring a pre-determined outcome, and got it.  The drunk touched the cop (either as to start or actually push him away) and that was all she wrote – they swarmed him, tased him, arrested him, and took him away.

At least three of the calls said this was done in front of families with small children – and that the cops might have handled the situation in a calmer fashion (e.g., take him by the arm, talking with him, and led him away from the crowd).  But!  I was not there – will have to wait for Rick’s video as he did capture the tasing and what was going on at the time.

In the mean time, you know what the Morale of the story is?  Yeah – a man who was illegally drunk in public was more of a threat to the general public than all of the law abiding folks with guns. 

But that’s not how this will be spun and will not be admitted to be true by Bloomie’s bought and paid for.